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Old Melodies ...

Old Melodies ...

Johnny Hallyday (EP) FR-VOGUE 7755 - Souvenirs souvenirs (stereo) + Bonus
Tracks 1960

Posted: 13 Oct 2019 12:18 PM PDT

Souvenirs, Souvenirs , French adaptation, by Fernand Bonifay of the title
Souvenirs of Cy Coben (en) , is a song interpreted by Johnny Hallyday and
Rita Cadillac in 1960 .
Title flagship of Johnny Hallyday's second album, Memories, Memories is his
first big hit.Memories written by Cy Coben (in) and starring two unknown
Bill Ramsey and Barbara Evans is new in France. Exclusive discovery of the
Vogue label, the adaptation by Fernand Bonifay (immediately entrusted to
Johnny Hallyday and Rita Cadillac ), is made from a score in German.
Hit of Hallyday's second EP , Memories,Memories, is his first big hit and
the song that gives him star status. This title sticks completely to the
skin, says Daniel Lesueur , to the point that we forget that this is an
adaptation. Memories, memories very quickly becomes the flagship song of a
whole generation. An emblematic song of the artist, it is nowadays the
French anthem of the 1960s.
After 1961 , the artist completely abandons all titles recorded at Vogue;
Only Souvenirs and Souvenirs is an exception, although it has been
inscribed in a singing tour only included in medley. The only exception was
in 1974 , during a promotional tour for the album Rock'n'Slow , in which
Johnny Hallyday began his recital with Souvenirs, souvenirs.Memories,
memories is the evocation of years of carelessness, adolescence, friends,
first love, dotted with songs, by a young man who promises he will not
forget any. A statement by someone who is not yet 17 years old and talks
about his love affair is astonishing Jacques Leblanc 3 . As Souvenirs,
memories , as a retrospective is sung in the past, as if anticipation,
Johnny Hallyday had guessed that between him and the public it was just
beginning and long would be the road. Since Memories, memories , in the
collective memory perfectly fulfills the role of nostalgic song.The title
of the song was often borrowed in broadcasts / headings, radios,
televisions, magazines; it will be the title of a TV show (devoted to
various artists - mostly American - who made the history of rock in the
1950s - 1960s ), presented in 1983 by Johnny Hallyday himself. In 1984,
Ariel Zeitoun made the title of a film.
1984 : Memories, Memories (movie)1998 : Souvenirs, souvenirs , book by
Maurice Achard (Flammarion)
In 1991, the song appears among the additional music of the movie Awesome,
my parents divorce!
"I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free"

Titanic - "Titanic" (1970) (Norway)

Posted: 13 Oct 2019 05:35 AM PDT

Norway is not precisely the cradle of Progressive Rock, but a band formed
in 1969 when the genre was still on diapers, a group of musicians from
Oslo, decided to form a Hard Rock band inspired in legends such as LED
ZEPPELIN and DEEP PURPLE, but gave a step forward and created a unique
sound that blended all this influences with our beloved genre and a strong
Psychedelic element.
The original lineup was formed by Kenny AAS playing the organ and bass,
Janne LOSETH in charge of the guitar and vocals, John LORCK as drummer and
Kjell ASPERUD who added percussion and vocals.
Their first real hit single, the SANTANA oriented "Sultana" almost peaked
the UK charts reaching a surprising (for a foreign band not coming from
USA) fifth position.
But their recording career had started a year before with the self titled
debut. By that point TITANIC had recruited the British vocalist Roy
ROBINSON, who not only gave them a more international sound allowing the
band to reach the UK and North American markets, but turned into a
compositional force of the band.
Their second album "Sea Wolf" is released in 1971, after this album Kenny
AAS leaves the band and is replaced with Helge GRØSLIE with whom they
release their definitive "Eagle Rock" in 1973 in which they present us a
clearly Psyche, Heavy Prog release and a mature sound with an impressive
Hammond performance and chorus in the vein of URIAH HEEP.
The band kept releasing albums until 1979 when they disband, however
TITANIC rejoined a couple of times with several changes in the linup, and
in February 2009 they surprised us with their latest release "Ashes &
Diamonds" with Roy ROBINSON and John LOSETH as the only members who were
present on their first LP back in 1971.
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"I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free"