October 7th, 2019


Rock Archeologia 60-70

Rock Archeologia 60-70

Joy Unlimited - Reflections 1973 (Germany, Krautrock/Progressive/Folk Rock)

Posted: 05 Oct 2019 11:33 PM PDT

Исполнитель: Joy Unlimited

Откуда: Germany

Альбом: Reflections

Год выхода: 1973

Жанр: Krautrock/Progressive/Folk Rock

Формат: MP3 CBR 320

Размер архива: 186 МB
Продолжение темы. Несмотря на уход ведущих музыкантов (Joy Fleming и Klaus
Nagel), Joy Unlimited попытались выжить, выпустив еще два альбома. Музыка
представляла собой неплохой прог-фолк в духе Jethro Tull, но слишком уж
велика была тогда конкуренция в этом жанре. На Reflections (1973) пел
уроженец США Ken Traylor, а на Minne (1975) – Joschi Dinier. Немного
поконцертировав и издав несколько поп-синглов, Joy Unlimited распались в
1975 году. Joy Fleming смогла сделать достаточно успешную соло-карьеру,
несколько раз представляла Германию на конкурсе Евровидение и не раз
провозглашалась немецкой королевой блюза и соул.


01. Reincarnation 4:38

02. Ocean Of Ruins 5:06

03. King Richards Court Jester 2:34

04. Colossus Of Steel And Iron 2:29

05. Crystal Palace 4:09

06. Motion Is Movement / Hate Nine And Ten 5:46

07. The Search For Father Time 6:47

08. Silently Sung 4:03

09. Question 4:30


10. Believe Me (Previously Unreleased, 1971) 5:26

11. Peters Zeitmaschine (Previously Unreleased, 1971) 2:50

12. Navigationen (Previously Unreleased, 1971) 2:10

13. Mosaik (Previously Unreleased, 1972) 3:37

14. Francescos Horse (Previously Unreleased, 1972) 4:24

15. Sister Christine (Previously Unreleased, 1972) 3:47

16. One Small Step (Previously Unreleased, 1972) 3:36

17. Highway Affair (Previously Unreleased, 1972) 2:36

18. Early Morning Moanin (Single A-Side, 1972) 3:18

19. Proud Angelina (Single B-Side, 1972) 2:58


Ken Traylor vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar

Albin Metz bass, percussion, trumpet (10-16)

Roland Heck organ, piano, electric piano

Dieter Kindl acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass

Gerd Köthe tenor & soprano saxophones, flute, woodwinds

Hans W. Herkenne drums, percussion
Обложка сингла


Запись Joy Unlimited ‎– Reflections 1973 (Germany,
Krautrock/Progressive/Folk Rock) впервые появилась Rock Archeologia 60-70.

Choice - Choice Cuts 1980 (USA, Melodic Rock/AOR)

Posted: 05 Oct 2019 11:17 PM PDT

Исполнитель: Choice

Откуда: USA

Альбом: Choice Cuts

Год выхода: 1980

Жанр: Melodic Rock/AOR

Формат: MP3 CBR 192

Размер архива: 54.2 МB
Малоизвестная группа с юго-восточной части США. Записали и выпустили свой
единственный альбом для инди-лейбла в сотрудничестве с Polydor Records.
Вскоре после выхода альбома группа распалась, и этот винил стал предметом


01. Rock & Roll Rocket 3:08

02. Some People 4:20

03. The Letter 2:45

04. Annie D 5:46

05. Ive Got My Mind On Ruby 3:47

06. Your Eyes 3:33

07. Take Me Down 3:55

08. Pretty Thing 3:31

09. For You 3:28


Paul Roethlinger lead vocals, guitar

Brian Bartlett lead & acoustic guitars, vocals

Dave Miller bass, backing vocals

Bruce Dreher lead vocals, Hammond B3 organ

Mark Paxson lead vocals, keyboards

Steve Fecker drums, percussion


Запись Choice Choice Cuts 1980 (USA, Melodic Rock/AOR) впервые появилась
Rock Archeologia 60-70.

Eiliff - Eiliff / Girlrls! 2006 (Germany, Krautrock/Progressive/Jazz Rock)

Posted: 05 Oct 2019 09:39 PM PDT

Исполнитель: Eiliff

Откуда: Germany

Альбом: Eiliff / Girlrls! (2 in 1)

Год выхода: 2006 (recorded in 1971/1972)

Жанр: Krautrock/Progressive/Jazz Rock

Формат: MP3 CBR 320

Размер архива: 174 МB
Первый и второй альбомы краутрок-группы из Кёльна (земля Северный
Рейн-Вестфалия), активной в в 1970-1974 годах.


LP Eiliff (1971)

01. Bird-Night Of The Seventh Day 4:59

02. Gammeloni 6:40

03. Uzzek Of Rigel IV 10:50

04. Suite 20:37

LP Girlrls! (1972)

05. Eve Of Eternity 5:58

06. King Of The Frogs 5:44

07. Journey To The Ego 6:15

08. Girlrls 6:39

09. Hallimasch 8:47


Houschäng Nejadépour electric & acoustic guitars, sitar

Rainer Brüninghaus organ, electric piano, sounds

Herbert J. Kalveram saxophones

Bill Brown bass, vocals

Detlef Landmann drums, percussion


Rainer Goltermann producer
LP Eiliff (1971)
LP Girlrls! (1972)


Запись Eiliff Eiliff / Girlrls! 2006 (Germany, Krautrock/Progressive/Jazz
Rock) впервые появилась Rock Archeologia 60-70.

Old Melodies ...

Old Melodies ...

The Grapefruit (Around The BBC) 1968-69

Posted: 06 Oct 2019 03:56 AM PDT

Grapefruit only made a couple of albums in the late '60s, but they got to
do a number of BBC sessions, probably because their connection to the
Beatles initially excited a lot of media interest. Around the BBC has a
dozen tracks they recorded for the radio network between January 1968 and
July 1969, as well as some brief interview banter. Though this might be
considered somewhat of a frivolous release by nonspecialists given the
group's marginal impact on the British psych-pop scene, it actually turns
out to be a pretty valuable supplement to their studio discography. For one
thing, the sound is very good, the recordings somehow having been preserved
in quite fine condition. Of yet more importance, no less than five of the
12 songs were not included on Grapefruit's official releases. These include
not only three originals by George Alexander ("Breaking Up a
Dream," "Somebody's Turning on the People," and "Trying to Make It to
Monday"), but also covers of the Bee Gees' "To Love Somebody" and Denny
Laine's "Say You Don't Mind." All of the Alexander compositions, especially
the buoyant "Breaking Up a Dream," are -- like much of Grapefruit's debut
LP, Around Grapefruit -- quality period British psych-pop, if more
Beatlesque pop/rock than out and out psychedelia, and not quite up to the
level of the Bee Gees (let alone the Beatles). Too, only two of the tracks
are from the disappointing heavy rock phase they entered for their second
album, and even the songs available in studio versions on the earlier
Grapefruit versions are notably less ornate in these radio performances.
Capped by good liner notes from Apple Records scholar Stefan Granados, it's
a worthwhile package for this minor but decent group that helps give
listeners a more rounded picture of the band's sound and repertoire than is
available from Grapefruit's slim body of studio work.

1 Breaking Up A Dream 2 Dear Delilah 3 Trying To Make It To Monday 4
Elevator 5 Say You Don't MindWritten-By – Denny Laine6 Somebody's Turning
On The People 7 C'mon Marianne 8 Interview (New Band Member) 9 Somebody
Soon 10 Interview (New Sound) 11 Round Going Round 12 To Love
SomebodyWritten-By – B. Gibb*, R. Gibb*13 Deep Water 14 Thunder & Lightning
Compilation Producer [Album Producer] – Mark Stratford, Stefan
GranadosWritten-By – George Alexander (tracks: 1 to 4, 6, 9, 11, 13,14)
All recordings previously unreleased.
"I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free"

2 x The Spencer Davis Group LP's + Bonus Tracks

Posted: 06 Oct 2019 03:19 AM PDT

Autumn' 66 is the third studio album by the British rock group The Spencer
Davis Group released in 1966. Although the album was not released in the
US, the single "Somebody Help Me" was on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts
for seven weeks and peaked at number 47 in July, 1967.
The Allmusic retrospective review by Richie Unterberger commented that "At
the peak of their popularity, the Spencer Davis Group's albums were
considerably less impressive than their hits", and criticized the album for
relying too heavily on covers. However, they named the original
songs "Somebody Help Me," "High Time Baby," "On the Green Light," and "When
I Come Home" as highlights.
Side One
"Together 'Til the End of Time" (Frank Wilson) – 2:15)"Take This Hurt Off
Me" (Don Covay, Ron Dean Miller) – 2:44)"Nobody Knows You When You're Down
and Out" (Jimmy Cox) – 3:52)"Midnight Special" (Traditional, arranged by
Spencer Davis) – 2:13)"When a Man Loves a Woman" (Andrew Wright, Calvin
Lewis) – 3:08)"When I Come Home" (Jackie Edwards, Steve Winwood) – 2:04
Side Two
"Mean Woman Blues" (Claude Demetrius) – 3:14"Dust My Blues" (Elmore James)
– 2:36"On the Green Light" (S. Winwood) – 3:05"Neighbour, Neighbour" (A.J.
Valier) – 3:17"High Time Baby" (S. Winwood, Davis, Muff Winwood, Pete York)
– 2:31"Somebody Help Me" (Edwards) – 2:00
The Spencer Davis GroupSteve Winwood – lead guitar, organ, lead vocals
(except where noted)Muff Winwood – bassSpencer Davis – rhythm guitar,
vocals (lead vocal on "Midnight Special" , "Dust My Blues" & "Neighbour,
Neighbour")Pete York – drums
"I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free"

With Their New Face On is the fourth studio album by the Spencer Davis
Group, the first to be released after the departure of Steve Winwood (to
form the group Traffic), and his brother Muff Winwood. The album was
released in 1968 in both the UK and the U.S. on the United Artists label.
The new lineup of the band included existing members Davis and drummer Pete
York, plus Eddie Hardin on vocals and keyboards and singer/guitarist Phil
Sawyer. Hardin had been part of a band called A Wild Uncertainty. Sawyer
had played in The Fleur de Lys and Shotgun Express.
The album did not sell as well as those from the Winwood era, failing to
chart in the UK and America. However both singles from the album, "Time
Seller" and "Mr. Second Class", charted on the UK charts at number 30 and
number 35 respectively. Sawyer would leave the band afterwards, replaced by
Ray Fenwick. York would leave the band in 1969.
The album reflected a shift in musical style, expanding the band's pop/R&B
roots to include the popular psychedelia of the time.
"Don't Want You No More" would be covered by The Allman Brothers Band on
their self-titled 1969 debut album. The song had been released first as
b-side to the 1967 "Time Seller" single and re-recorded for this album.
Track listing
All tracks written by Spencer Davis and Eddie Hardin except where noted.
Side one
"With His New Face On" - 3:20"Mr. Second Class" - 3:16"Alec in Transit
Land" (Spencer Davis, Eddie Hardin, Kirk Duncan, Pete York) - 6:50"Sanity
Inspector" - 3:04"Feel Your Way" - 2:59
Side two
"Morning Sun" (Davis, Hardin, Kirk Duncan, Nicky James) - 3:19"Moonshine"
(Davis, Hardin, York) - 2:41"Don't Want You No More" - 3:16"Time Seller" -
2:53"Stop Me, I'm Falling" - 3:30
Phil Sawyer – lead guitar, lead vocal (track 4) and co-lead vocals (track
9)Ray Fenwick – lead guitar, lead vocals (track 8)Eddie Hardin – keyboards,
lead vocals (tracks 1-3, 5-7, 9, 10)Spencer Davis – rhythm guitar, backing
vocalsCharlie McCracken – bass, backing vocalsPete York – drums, percussion
"I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free"

Music 60-70


Ginger Baker Trio - Falling Off The Roof 1996 (UK/USA, Jazz, Post-Bop)

Posted: 07 Oct 2019 08:46 AM PDT

Исполнитель: Ginger Baker Trio
Откуда: England/USA
Альбом: Falling Off The Roof
Год выхода: 1996
Жанр: Jazz, Post-Bop
Длительность: 57:29
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 136 МБ (с 3% на восстановление)