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March 12th, 2019

Rock Archeologia 60-70

Rock Archeologia 60-70

The Debutantes - The Debutantes 2018 (USA, Beat/Garage Rock)

Posted: 11 Mar 2019 11:33 AM PDT

Исполнитель: The Debutantes

Откуда: USA

Альбом: The Debutantes

Год выхода: 2018 (recorded in 1966-1967)

Жанр: Beat/Garage Rock

Формат: MP3 CBR 320

Размер архива: 101 МB
Девичья бит-группа из Детройта (штат Мичиган), игравшая в 1964-69 годах.
Девушки записали несколько синглов (1966-1967), совершили гастрольную
поездку по странам Азии, а также в Канаду и Германию, но альбома не


01. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place 2:42

02. If You Wanna Be Happy 2:27

03. Caravan 3:19

04. Little Latin Lupe Lu 2:12

05. On Broadway 2:32

06. Love Is Strange 2:40

07. A New Love Today 2:34

08. Kansas City 3:23

09. Shake A Tail Feather 2:40

10. Strong Foundation 3:06

11. I Got You Babe 3;15

12. A Breath Taking Guy 2:42

13. He Cried 3:43

14. Be My Baby 3:13

15. The Last Time 3:06


Mary Linton rhythm guitar (1965-67)

Corrine Helco bass (1965)

Carol Linton bass (1965-67)

Darlene Groncki – keyboards, vocals (1967-69)

Diane Abray drums (1964-66)

Jino Chominski drums (1966-68)


Запись The Debutantes The Debutantes 2018 (USA, Beat/Garage Rock) впервые
появилась Rock Archeologia 60-70.

The Fireballs - Torquay 1963 (USA, Surf)

Posted: 11 Mar 2019 11:10 AM PDT

Исполнитель: The Fireballs

Откуда: USA

Альбом: Torquay

Год выхода: 1963

Жанр: Surf

Формат: MP3 CBR 192

Размер архива: 39.8 MB

Продолжение темы.


01. Torquay 1:52

02. Alone 2:18

03. Joeys Song 2:30

04. Last Date 2:16

05. Chief Whoop-In-Koff 1:48

06. El Ringo 2:02

07. Wheels 2:18

08. Honey 2:07

09. Rawhide 2:26

10. Tuff-A-Nuff 2:10

11. Dumbo 2:08

12. Quite A Party 1:44


George Tomsco lead guitar

Jimmy Gilmer guitar

Stan Lark bass

Eric Budd drums


Norman Petty producer


Запись The Fireballs ‎– Torquay 1963 (USA, Surf) впервые появилась Rock
Archeologia 60-70.

Tommy Hoehn - Losing You To Sleep 1978 (USA, Power Pop)

Posted: 11 Mar 2019 08:37 AM PDT

Исполнитель: Tommy Hoehn

Откуда: USA

Альбом: Losing You To Sleep

Год выхода: 1978

Жанр: Power Pop

Формат: MP3 CBR 320

Размер архива: 129 МB
Thomas Forbes Tommy Hoehn Jr. американский певец, композитор, клавишник и
гитарист. Начинал свои первые шаги в музыке в Мемфисе (штат Теннесси),
городе легендарной поп-сцены 70-х. Наряду с Jon Tiven был лидером пауэр-поп
группы Prix. Его подпевки звучали на немного шизофреническом, но в целом
очень привлекательном третьем альбоме Big Star под названием Sister Lovers
и в произведениях ныне забытой поп-группы The Scruffs. После распада Prix
начал свою сольную карьеру. Альбом Losing You To Sleep был переиздан в 2006
году в Японии с бонус-треками из альбома I Do Love The Light (1981). В
декабре 2009 года у Томми был диагностирован рак. Он умер 24 июня 2010 года
в возрасте 55 лет.


01. Hey Polarity 3:39

02. Losing You To Sleep 5:13

03. The Heat 3:51

04. She Might Look My Way 2:30

05. Fresh Matches 2:46

06. Blow Yourself Up 2:54

07. I Know I Love You Now 2:52

08. Mean Nancy 3:16

09. Fight You (Anytime) 4:38

Bonuses (from LP I Do Love The Light, 1981) :

10. She Like Moon 3:22

11. I Do Love The Light 2:34

12. Pretty Under The Weather 4:20

13. Cuba 3:35

14. Always Heaven 3:23

15. Drive Like A Pilot 3:10

16. Drop That Boy 3:01

17. Lover True 3:27


Tommy Hoehn vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar

Gene Nunez lead guitar, bass

Keith Young bass

John Hampton drums, percussion, baglama


Запись Tommy Hoehn Losing You To Sleep 1978 (USA, Power Pop) впервые
появилась Rock Archeologia 60-70.

Aquelarre - Brumas 1974 (Argentina, Progressive/Psychedelic Rock)

Posted: 10 Mar 2019 04:25 PM PDT

Исполнитель: Aquelarre

Откуда: Argentina

Альбом: Brumas

Год выхода: 1974

Жанр: Progressive/Psychedelic Rock

Формат: MP3 CBR 320

Размер архива: 84.6 МB
Продолжение темы. Третий альбом в дискографии группы из Буэнос-Айреса.


01. Parte Del Día 6:09

02. Silencio Marginal 3:26

03. Aniñada 3:52

04. Brumas En La Bruma 3:48

05. Milagro De Pueblo 8:00

06. Aves Rapaces 3:36

07. Mirando Adentro 5:53


Héctor Starc guitar, bass, vocals

Hugo González Neira keyboards, vocals

Emilio del Güercio bass, acoustic guitar, piano, vocals

Rodolfo García drums, vocals


Запись Aquelarre Brumas 1974 (Argentina, Progressive/Psychedelic Rock)
впервые появилась Rock Archeologia 60-70.

Old Melodies ...

Old Melodies ...

Duane Eddy - Dance With The Guitar Man (1962)

Posted: 11 Mar 2019 03:13 AM PDT

Eddy's phenomenally successful run of hits over the next few years was to
some extent a variation on the "Rebel Rouser" theme. With cowboy whoops
from the backup band helping drive things along, they weren't nearly as
innovative as work of Link Wray during the same era, but they were much
more popular. The singles -- "Peter Gunn," "Cannonball," "Shazam,"
and "Forty Miles of Bad Road" were probably the best -- also did their part
to help keep the raunchy spirit of rock & roll alive at a time in which it
was in danger of being watered down. Much of that raunch was not solely due
to Eddy himself, but to the honking sax solos of Steve Douglas, who would
go on to become one of the top session players in the industry. Eddy would
have his biggest hit, however, in 1960, when he sweetened the twang with
strings for the movie theme "Because They're Young."
Eddy's records were also huge influences on legions of budding guitar
players. In England, the Shadows no doubt took Eddy as one of their chief
inspirations for their spare, moody sound, as one listen to their most
famous hit, "Apache," makes obvious. More subtly, his influence can also be
heard in the work of George Harrison. For evidence, listen to the growling
riffs that decorate the verse of "I Want to Hold Your Hand."
Eddy started to lose momentum in the early '60s, and left the Jamie label
in 1962 for the much bigger RCA. "(Dance with The) Guitar Man," which
featured an atypical chorus of female vocals, would be his last Top 20 hit
that same year. His albums -- often based on loose themes, like A Million
Dollars Worth of Twang, Twistin' with Duane Eddy, and Surfin' -- kept him
afloat to some degree. But his style doggedly refused evolution, although
scattered cuts indicate he was capable of abandoning the twang for more
bluesy or straight-out rock sounds. The British Invasion wiped Duane out
commercially, although he recorded intermittently over the next couple of
decades. In 1986, he enjoyed a brief comeback when the Art of Noise built
their "Peter Gunn" hit around his guest contributions; Paul McCartney,
George Harrison, Ry Cooder, and Jeff Lynne all helped produce a 1987 album.
Twang Thang: AnthologyEddy was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
in 1994, a year after Rhino released the definitive double-disc compilation
Twang Thang: Anthology. During the '90s and 2000s, Eddy continued to make
appearances on record and on-stage, culminating in a headlining appearance
at London's Royal Festival Hall in October 2010. This performance led to
Eddy recording a new album with producer Richard Hawley. The resulting Road
Trip appeared in the U.K. in 2011.


De Maskers - Beat Meets Rhythm & Blues (1967)

Posted: 11 Mar 2019 03:13 AM PDT

Dutch beat group (aka "The Masks"), established 1965 in Amsterdam. Members
included: Hans de Hont, Alewijn Dekker, Jaap de Groot, Ador Otting and Jan
De Hont. They split from ZZ En De Maskers.

This band also collaborated with Chubby Checker.


De Maskers - Shame On You (1967)

Posted: 11 Mar 2019 03:12 AM PDT


ZZ & De Maskers - ZZ & De Maskers (1965)

Posted: 11 Mar 2019 03:12 AM PDT

ZZ & The Maskers from Amsterdam came together in 1962, formed by ex-members
of the Apron Strings. Under guidance of Bob Bouber (ZZ) they began a
Screaming Lord Sutch-like act with masks, gruesome noises and a light-show.
With this show and their instrumental prowess, the group became successful
all over Europe.


ZZ And The Masks - ZZ And The Masks (1965)

Posted: 11 Mar 2019 03:11 AM PDT

ZZ And The Masks ‎(The Maskers)– ZZ And The Masks (1965)

The group arises late 1962 as singer Bob Bouber saw the Amsterdam band the
Apron Strings on stage. He thougt the concept of ZZ & de Maskers with the
entire group (including him self as ZZ) acting with masks. Later Bouber
discard his mask. The group was initially focused on Dutch rock with songs
like "Dracula," "Ik Heb Genoeg Van Jou," and "Shake Hands." In addition to
the vocals of Bob Bouber they played a large number of instrumental tracks
as ZZ & de Maskers -- although Bouber was not contributing to them. Jan de
Hont was the soloist in these songs, of which La Comparsa became a classic.
Inspired by the British beat music in 1964, the group also recorded songs
in English as "Sloppin' in Las Vegas" (also as "Stoppin' In Las Vegas" with
Chubby Checker in 1965) and "Cheat, Cheat, Cheat.
After five mostly instrumental years as "ZZ en de Maskers", and the split
from their singer Bob Bouber, Jan de Hont and his Amsterdam guys tried to
find new roads as De Maskers. Times had changed. Beat and Rhythm & Blues
had taken over from instrumentals. The first single with the new face
was "Brand New Cadillac", a cover from The Renegades. The record reaches
#15 in the Dutch hit list. After that a new single came with Chubby
Checker; "Baby, Baby, Balla, Balla!!!, who reached #17 in Holland and
climbed to #1 in Germany. De Maskers recorded three original lp's, from who
--in my opinion-- the first: "Sensations In Sound" was the best. The second
lp mixed up some new tracks with a couple of older instrumentals. The
record company had for sure troubles with the new 'beat face' of De
Maskers, and tried to please the old fans this way. That makes it even more
difficult for the band to build up a new public image. The third and last
long player was more Rhythm and Blues orientated, but missed the real touch
from --for instance-- The Incrowd and The Rodys, two other Dutch R&B
groups. But overall De Maskers were one off the best and most important
Dutch bands in the sixties with their superb guitarist Jan de Hont.



Music 60-70


Sneakers - Sneakers 1976 (USA, Power Pop)

Posted: 12 Mar 2019 08:48 AM PDT

Исполнитель: Sneakers
Откуда: USA
Альбом: Sneakers
Год выхода: 1976
Жанр: Power Pop
Длительность: 29:51 (EP with bonuses)
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 71,5 МБ (с 3% на восстановление)

Out Of Focus - Palermo 1972 (2007) (Germany, Krautrock, Progressive Jazz

Posted: 12 Mar 2019 06:17 AM PDT

Исполнитель: Out Of Focus
Откуда: Germany
Альбом: Palermo 1972
Год выхода: 2007 (recorded live in 1972)
Жанр: Krautrock, Progressive Jazz Rock
Длительность: 75:58
Формат: MP3 CBR 320
Размер архива: 181 МБ (с 3% на восстановление)

ВИА "Лейся, песня" - 4 миньона 1975-1978 (СССР, ВИА)

Posted: 12 Mar 2019 05:09 AM PDT

Исполнитель: ВИА "Лейся, песня"
Откуда: СССР
Альбом: 4 миньона 1975-1978
Год выхода: 1975-1978
Жанр: ВИА
Длительность: 46:25
Формат: MP3 CBR 320 (Vinyl Rip)
Размер архива: 112 МБ (с 3% на восстановление)



[FLAC] ROXY MUSIC - Live in Modena - 1973

Posted: 11 Mar 2019 06:16 PM PDT

Logo no início da carreira, o Roxy Music já era considerado uma banda de
Art Rock onde seus figurinos extravagantes e a excentricidade de suas
performances, trouxeram uma veia criativa de bastante entrosamento entre o
vocalista Brian Ferry que, insistia em uma pegada mais pop e exótica,
mesclado ao experimentalismo alucinador de Brian Eno, um dos maiores
instrumentistas de todos os tempos.
A banda também contava com o excelente guitarrista e produtor Phil
Manzanera, que já havia gravado um único porém, essencial disco em 1970 com
o Quiet Sun (banda de curta carreira vinda de Canterbury). Em sua longa
trajetória, Manzanera contribuiu com diversos artistas de extrema
importância como o próprio Eno e até mesmo Sérgio Dias dos Mutantes nos
anos 90. Foi um dos produtores dos dois últimos discos de estúdio de David
Gilmour e co-produziu o 'Endless River' do Pink Floyd. Além de muitos
outros, incluindo artistas brasileiros.
Os dois primeiros discos do Roxy Music, os únicos com participação de Eno,
são verdadeiras obras-primas, muito caracterizados por impecável
instrumentação que pendia muitas vezes para uma atmosfera pop e de muita
Gravado em Modena, Itália em 23 de maio de 1973, esse bootleg retrata
exatamente a primeira fase da banda. Aqui encontramos faixas do disco
homônimo lançado em 1972 e 'For Your Pleasure', lançado no ano seguinte e
executado em quase sua integridade porém, fora de sua sequência original.
Possuo essa gravação guardada já há alguns anos e sempre relutei em
publicá-lo pela baixíssima qualidade do áudio contido, mesmo em FLAC. Os
registros da primeira e fabulosa fase do Roxy Music são um tanto raros e
quase impossíveis de achar portanto, mais uma vez, recomendo apenas aos


01. (Intro)_The Pride & The Pain
02. Do The Strand
03. Grey Lagoons
04. Beauty Queen
05. The Bogus Man
06. Ladytron
07. In Every Dream Home a Heartache
08. If There Is Something
09. Editions of You
10. Remake Remodel
11. Virginia Plain



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