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Rock Archeologia 60-70

Rock Archeologia 60 - 70

John Littlejohn - Sweet Little Angel 1978 (USA, Chicago Blues)

Posted: 25 Jan 2021 05:18 PM PST

Исполнитель: John Littlejohn

Откуда: USA

Альбом: Sweet Little Angel

Год выхода: 1978

Жанр: Chicago Blues

Формат: MP3 CBR 320

Размер архива: 125 МB

Продолжение темы.


01. Please Love Me 7:24

02. Sweet Little Angel 7:32

03. Next Time You See Me 5:05

04. Burro Beat 6:04

05. Twenty Nine Ways 5:36

06. Driftin Blues 10:04

07. Dust My Broom 3:42

08. Close To You (Take 2) 3:54

09. Im Ready (Take 2) 4:48


John Littlejohn guitar, vocals

Alabama Pettis Jr. guitar

Nick Holt bass guitar

Lafayette Leake piano

Fred Below drums


Old Melodies ...

Old Melodies ...

Amen Corner - If Paradise Was Half As Nice The Immediate Anthology 1969

Posted: 25 Jan 2021 07:14 AM PST

Amen Corner was a Welsh R&B-tinged pop band of the '60s featuring singer
Andy Fairweather Low, organist Blue Weaver, guitarist Neil Jones, bassist
Clive Taylor, saxophonists Allen Jones and Mike Smith, and drummer Dennis
Bryon. They scored the first of their six British chart hits with "Gin
House" in the summer of 1967. "(If Paradise Is) Half as Nice" went to
number one in early 1969. By then, Fairweather Low had become a teenage
heartthrob and the band had switched management and record companies, but
they split up by the end of the year.

The 35 songs on this double-CD set represent the output of Amen Corner on
Immediate Records from 1968 through 1970. Listening to the 23 tracks on the
first disc, one gets a good idea of the group's sound, and also why certain
kinds of English pop/rock never transferred well to American shores. Amen
Corner was spirited (even frenzied) enough in their playing and singing,
but they also came off as a very lightweight group, without a lot of depth
-- mostly that was true of their singles, but the singles were what defined
them. The septet's primary audience was a peculiarly youthful English
public, and appealing to them meant generating music that was upbeat but
very superficial, along the lines of the Tremeloes, but without the
in-house writing talent or the same ear for a good song. "(If Paradise Is)
Half as Nice" is a pleasant, catchy track, as are "Hello Susie" (though
their version of the Roy Wood tune is bubblegum pop next to the Move's
recording on Shazam) and most of the rest, but they all seem more like
songs that are pleasant to hear rather than to play -- that is, they're
fine on the radio, but to ears belonging to anyone over the age of, say,
16, they're not the kind of music that one runs out to buy. Still, there
was a fair amount of talent in evidence -- beyond Neil Jones' spirited
guitar playing, keyboard man Blue Weaver added interesting organ fills, and
on numbers like "Mr. Nonchalant" (an Andy Fairweather Low composition, and
one of their better originals), they do achieve a more expansive sound.
Fairweather Low was strongly influenced by American soul music in his
singing, but finding the balance between that and the pop/rock sound that
sold for the group was a near-impossible task, at least in the
studio; "Recess," one of the outtakes unearthed after the band's demise,
illustrates their usual output, a bouncy, catchy teen-beat number with a
honking sax that is pure bubblegum. And then there is the second disc in
this set, comprised of their concert album, The National Welsh Coast Live
Explosion Company -- and that's the highlight of this set. Turned loose
on-stage, Amen Corner could put on a rousing show broken down evenly
between American soul ("Baby Do the Philly Dog," "Shake a Tail Feather,"
etc.) and their established hits, including their pre-Immediate successes
on Decca Records. They pound and stomp their way through the music that
they love like nobody's business, Clive Taylor's bass and Dennis Byron's
drums holding everything together while Fairweather Low, Weaver, and Jones
soar. This was (and is) the way to hear Amen Corner, and if one can ignore
a useless cover of "Penny Lane," it's a nearly perfect concert album --
Fairweather Low's singing even sounds better here than it does on many of
the group's studio recordings; and if the overall recording quality isn't
perfect, it is distinctly superior here to any prior CD and LP editions of
this performance. The annotation is also very thorough, and nicely
illustrated as well. ~ Bruce Eder

Deram Record Story (Singles) The Pyramid "Summer of Last Year" 1966/67

Posted: 25 Jan 2021 04:04 AM PST

The Pyramid – Summer Of Last YearLabel:Deram – DM.111Format:Vinyl, 7", 45
RPM, SingleCountry:UKReleased:6 Jan 1967Genre:RockStyle:Pop Rock
The Pyramid-The Summer Of Last Year/Summer Evening U.K. Deram DM 111The
United Kingdom was particularly enamoured with the American "West Coast
sound" in the mid 1960's. True there were loads of Beach Boys covers, but
some bands went beyond the covers and struck out to create their own home
brand. The songs needn't have always been about surfing, beaches or blondes
in convertibles, but some were.Enter The Pyramid. A band who released this
one off single on the Decca offshoot label Deram. Produced by the pop
maestro Denny Cordell,it evokes everything you'd expect from a bunch of
English guys who dug The Association and the like. I could easily imagine
them onstage in their all white get ups with sunflower medallions and
shades prompting some cat call from some oik as they loaded their gear in
the dismal grey night of some unwritten Northern English town "California's
that way mate...". The record was reportedly released (according to an
article in "Record Collector") in the un-summery month of January 1967. As
the scan of my promo copy will attest by it's release date this is entirely
correct. Probably not the brightest move by Deram's production department,
it was also sandwiched in between Cat Steven's smash "Matthew & Son" and
Whistling Jack Smith's "I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman" (shudders in Sideshow
Bob style sniggering all around). Needless to say the record sank without a
trace.The Pyramid were a British group that put out just one
single, "Summer of Last Year"/"Summer Evening," in January 1967. They are
known (if at all) because one of their singers was Ian MacDonald, soon to
change his name to Ian Matthews and join Fairport Convention. The Pyramid
single contained California pop/rock-styled originals from the pen of
member Steve Hiett, with harmonies heavily indebted to the Beach Boys. It
sounded like a more mainstream take on the mid-'60s Beach Boys, and given
the blatant summer themes of the lyrics, it was odd indeed that the record
was released during the winter. John Paul Jones, though not a member,
played bass on both sides, which were produced by Denny Cordell, then also
producing the Move. Both sides of this rare 45 were reissued on the
compilation Deram Dayze."The Summer Of Last Year" is a low key multi
layered harmony number relying on some nice fuzz bass (played by none other
than John Paul Jones it's reputed), guitar, drums and a faint organ. The
lyrics evoke the joys of summer, the backing vocals remind me of The Who's
Entwistle and Moon on one of the band's surfy B-sides ("In the City"). All
in all it's pleasant and catchy because of the bass, the vocal perfection
and the way the crescendo builds when the combo organ kicks in. Good
stuff.The flip "Summer Evening" plumbs the same seasonal sentimentality
lyrically but it's slower and has an almost raga feel to it's gentle guitar
work. I also swear I can hear a tabla on it, but I'm not sure in adittion
to some organ. Both sides also feature the drumming talents of one Ian
Pratt-MacDonald(later Matthews) later to pop up in Fairport Convention.The
A-side did turn up on a U.K. 60's psych/pop CD collection
called "Fairytales Can Come True Volume One") and both sides featured on
the late 80's Decal LP compilation "Deram Days".POSTSCRIPT: The band were a
trio consisting of Steve Hiett, Albert Jackson and Ian Pratt-McDonald. They
were assisted in the studio by John Paul Jones who played bass and possibly
organ and arranged by Mike Lease (who also provided backing vocals) . Lease
would later crop up in the band Freedom (who's line-up boasted to ex-Procul
Harum members) in 1968 responsible for the brilliant "Where Will You Be
Tonight" single (UK Mercury MF 1033). Special thanks to "Record Collector"
magazine and Nigel Lees for these last bits.Further addendum's from
original member Mike Lease:This recording was the culmination of an
elaborate stage act, involving 2 non-stop sets of at least 45 mins. each
[!], testing the breath control of the singers to the limit, I was the
musical directer of this ambitious project which ran for 18 months or so...
Albert Jackson was the 3rd vocalist. I played the organ on the recording,
not John Paul, aka John Baldwin. The brilliant Pete Trout was on drums, Big
Jim Sullivan on guitar.... - Mike LeaseI might have got the guitarist on
the A side wrong... - Pete Trout thinks it was John McGlaughlin, with Big
Jim on the B side... Maybe.... - Mike LeaseYet another thought just occur
ed to me about this track.... It could have been Big Colin Pincott on
guitar, side "A"... I'm really unsure and don't want to misrepresent
anyone... - all that's certain is that Big Jim Sullivan was on the "B"
side, John Paul Jones - bass, Pete Trout - drums, myself - organ,
keyboards, and I can't remember who played congas on the "B" side.. - Mike
Lease.Enjoy"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."
-John Lennon

Toupee 60's

Posted: 25 Jan 2021 03:04 AM PST

Sorry Guys I Had To Put This Here As i couldnt Stop Laughing....

What do you think?

Rock Archeologia 60-70

Rock Archeologia 60 - 70

The Sun Also Rises - The Sun Also Rises 1970 (UK, Psychedelic/Folk Rock)

Posted: 25 Jan 2021 01:45 PM PST

Исполнитель: The Sun Also Rises

Откуда: Wales

Альбом: The Sun Also Rises

Год выхода: 1970

Жанр: Psychedelic/Folk Rock

Формат: MP3 CBR 320

Размер архива: 104 МB
Первый и единственный альбом дуэта загадочных хиппи Graham и Anne Hemingway
из Кардиффа (Уэльс). Пластинка представляет собой повествование о
фантастических мирах с его сказочным народцем, который пляшет под
разнообразные дудочки, колокольчики и, конечно же, гитару.


01. Until I Do 3:50

02. Wizard Shep 5:02

03. Part Of The Room 3:46

04. Green Lane 8:07

05. Tales Of Jasmine And Suicide 3:18

06. Flowers 5:20

07. Song Of Consolation 1:41

08. Suddenly Its Evening 2:32

09. Death 6:38


10. Fafnir And The Knights (1972) 4:30


Graham Hemingway vocals, guitars

Anne Hemingway female vocals, dulcimer, glockenspiel, vibes, percussion


John Turner double bass

Andy Leggett whistle (08)

Gel Lucena, Ian A. Anderson, The Sun Also Rises producers


Made In Sweden - Made In Sweden (With Love) 1968 (Sweden, Psychedelic/Jazz

Posted: 25 Jan 2021 10:57 AM PST

Исполнитель: Made In Sweden

Откуда: Sweden

Альбом: Made In Sweden (With Love)

Год выхода: 1968

Жанр: Psychedelic/Jazz Rock

Формат: MP3 CBR 320

Размер архива: 81.7 МB
Дебютный альбом рок-группы из Стокгольма. Коллектив Made In Sweden стоял у
истоков шведского прогрессивного рока. Музыканты этого замечательного трио
в дальнейшем стали широко известны за пределами своей родины, а ряд
альбомов составил золотой фонд музыкальной коллекции рубежа 60-70 годов
прошлого столетия.


01. I Dont Care 4:49

02. Peter Gunn 4:52

03. Sombrero Sam 6:26

04. Little Dame 1:54

05. Saucery 4:00

06. A Day In The Life 6:23

07. Harry Lime Theme 2:07

08. Little Charlie 4:22


Georg Jojje Wadenius guitar, vocals

Bo Häggström bass, guitar

Tommy Borgudd drums


Gunnar Bergström, Rune Öfwerman producers


Jackie Trent - Once More With Feeling 1967 (UK, Pop)

Posted: 25 Jan 2021 07:16 AM PST

Исполнитель: Jackie Trent

Откуда: England

Альбом: Once More With Feeling

Год выхода: 1967

Жанр: Pop

Формат: MP3 CBR 320

Размер архива: 78.5 МB

Продолжение темы.


01. Got To Get You Into My Life 2:37

02. Its Not Easy Loving You 3:02

03. Sunny 2:44

04. Either Way I Lose 2:59

05. Take Me Away 3:02

06. Open Your Heart 3:05

07. Everything Swings 2:53

08. Baby Are You Puttin Me On 2:50

09. Make It Easy On Yourself 2:44

10. Reach Out, Ill Be There 3:12

11. Ill Be With You 2:59

12. Who Can I Turn To 2:59


Jackie Trent vocals

The Tony Hatch Orchestra

Ray Prickett engineer

Tony Hatch producer


Les Sauterelles - View To Heaven 1968 (Switzerland, Beat/Psychedelic/Pop

Posted: 25 Jan 2021 04:21 AM PST

Исполнитель: Les Sauterelles

Откуда: Switzerland

Альбом: View To Heaven

Год выхода: 1968

Жанр: Beat/Psychedelic/Pop Rock

Формат: MP3 CBR 320

Размер архива: 72.7 МB
Швейцарская культовая группа Les Sauterelles (Саранча) была образована в
Цюрихе в 1962 году. Своего пика группа достигла в конце 60-х с альбомом
View To Heaven. За плечами артистов была национальная слава, успешные
гастроли по ФРГ и ЧССР, (тур по ЧССР в мае 1966 года вызвал сенсацию во
время « железного занавеса»), выступление 14 апреля 1967 года перед Rolling


01. Montgolfier 2:44

02. Big Old Sun 2:03

03. Hippie Soldier 2:28

04. Hello, One Kiss, Goodbye 1:57

05. Good New Times 2:18

06. Where Have All The Flowers Gone? 1:43

07. Silly Damsel 3:42

08. Heavenly Club 2:35

09. Homage 2:27

10. Hotel Continental 2:39

11. Dream Machine 2:28

12. Its All Over Now Baby Blue 3:10

13. Auf Wiedersehen 1:15


Toni Vescoli lead vocals, rhythm guitar

Rolf Antener lead guitar, vocals

Little Fritz (Fritz Trippel) organ, piano

Peter Rietmann bass, vocals

Kurt (Düde) Dürst drums, vocals


Les Sauterelles producers




MAY BLITZ - Live Essen [1970 Hard Acid Rock]

Posted: 25 Jan 2021 07:12 AM PST


Jamie Black: guitarra, vozReid Hudson: bajoTony Newman: batería
01. Tomorrow May Come (5:13)02. Fire Queen (19:56)03. Squeet (8:56)04. 8
Mad Grim Nits (9:15)05. I Don't Know (6:16)

Old Melodies ...

Old Melodies ...

De Pre Historie 1960-69 (10 CD Set)

Posted: 24 Jan 2021 06:32 AM PST

Tracklist–Duane Eddy Because They're Young 1:56–Brenda Lee I'm Sorry 2:40–
The Drifters Save The Last Dance For Me 2:26–Neil Sedaka Oh Carol 2:17–Blue
Diamonds Ramona 2:32–Bobby Vee Rubber Ball 2:16–The Shadows Apache 2:54–
Eddie Cochran Three Steps To Heaven 2:22–Peter Koelewijn & Zijn Rockets Kom
Van Dat Dak Af 2:39–Bob Azzam Mustapha 2:44–The Ventures Walk, Don't Run
2:23–Johnny Tillotson Poetry In Motion 2:27–Johnny Ray I'll Never Fall In
Love Again 2:43–Paul Anka Puppy Love 2:45–Jim Reeves He'll Have To Go 2:20–
The Everly Brothers Cathy's Clown 2:23–Cliff Richard Living Doll 2:37–
Johnny Burnette You're Sixteen 1:55–Johnny Preston Running Bear 2:36–The
Cousins Kili-Watch 2:37

Tracklist–Helen Shapiro Walking Back To Happiness 2:28–Cliff Richard Theme
From A Dream 2:03–Neil Sedaka Calendar Girl 2:37–Ricky Nelson Hello Mary
Lou 2:18–Bobby Vee Take Good Care Of My Baby 2:25–The Marcels Blue Moon
2:14–Paul Anka Tonight My Love Tonight 2:07–Elvis Presley Are You Lonesome
Tonight 2:07–Fats Domino My Girl Josephine 1:59–Smokey Robinson & The
Miracles Shop Around 2:44–The Allisons Are You Sure? 2:03–Highwaymen
Michael (Row The Boat Ashore) 2:44–Del Shannon Runaway 2:17–The Cousins
Dang Dang 2:03–Ben E King* Stand By Me 2:54–Dion Runaround Sue 2:39–The
Marvelettes Please Mr. Postman 2:26–The Shadows F.B.I. 2:18–Edith Piaf Non
Je Ne Regrette Rien 2:19–Sandy Nelson Let There Be Drums 2:17

–The Tokens The Lion Sleeps Tonight 2:40–The Cousins Pepermint Twist 2:59–
Jack Hammer Kissin' Twist 2:20–The Contours Do You Love Me 2:51–Frankie
Valli & The Four Seasons* Sherry 2:32–Bobby Vinton Roses Are Red 2:37–Roy
Orbison Dream Baby 2:40–Gilber Becaud Et Maintenant 3:38–Ricky Nelson
Teenage Idol 2:27–The Everly Brothers Crying In The Rain 1:58–Ben E King*
Don't Play That Song 2:50–Dion The Wanderer 2:41–Neil Sedaka Breaking Up
Is Hard To Do 2:19–Paul Anka Eso Beso 2:14–Jacques Brel Ne Me Quitte Pas
3:49–B. Bumble And The Stingers Nut Rocker 1:59–Sue Thompson Norman 2:16–
Connie Francis High Noon 3:20–Bobby Vee Run To Him 2:15–Cliff Richard The
Young Ones 3:06

–The Chiffons He's So Fine 1:53–The Exciters Tell Him 2:24–Martha Reeves
And The Vandellas Heat Wave 2:43–Little Stevie Wonder Fingertips - Part II
2:53–The Beach Boys Surfin' USA 2:25–Bobby Vee The Night Has A Thousand
Eyes 2:33–Little Peggy March I Will Follow Him 2:26–Bobby Vinton Blue
Velvet 2:47–Adamo Sans Toi Ma Mie 2:45–Soeur Sourire Dominique 2:53–Trini
Lopez If I Had A Hammer 2:58–Lesley Gore It's My Party 2:17–Cliff Richard
Lucky Lips 2:41–Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas Do You Want To Know A Secret?
2:01–Gerry & The Pacemakers How Do You Do It 1:53–The Drifters Up On The
Roof 2:36–Skeeter Davis The End Of The World 2:37–Will Tura Eenzaam Zonder
Jou 2:28–Rocco Granata Buona Notte Bambino 3:03–Los Indios Tabajares Maria
Elena 3:09

–The Supremes Where Did Our Love Go 2:32–Herman's Hermits I'm Into
Something Good 2:32–The Hollies Here I Go Again 2:18–Peter And Gordon World
Without Love 2:38–The Animals The House Of The Rising Sun 4:28–The Beach
Boys I Get Around 2:10–Jan & Dean The Little Old Lady From Pasadena 2:26–
Mary Wells My Guy 2:52–Will Tura Draai Dan 797 204 2:17–Adamo Tombe La
Neige 2:55–Martha Reeves & The Vandellas Dancing In The Street 2:38–Manfred
Mann Do Wah Diddy Diddy 2:21–Dionne Warwick Anyone Who Had A Heart 2:54–
Cilla Black You're My World 2:58–Dean Martin Everybody Loves Somebody 2:43–
Dusty Springfield I Only Want To Be With You 2:34–Jay & The Americans Come
A Little Bit Closer 2:42–Gerry & The Pacemakers Don't Let The Sun Catch You
Crying 2:35–Lorne Greene Ringo 3:13–Johnny Rivers Memphis 2:31

–Tom Jones It's Not Unusual 3:02–Shirley Bassey Goldfinger 2:48–Gudrun
Jenkins Letkis 2:11–Adamo Dolce Paola 2:18–Chris Andrews Yesterday Man
2:30–The Animals Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 2:16–Cilla Black You've Lost
That Lovin' Feeling 3:01–The Righteous Brothers Unchained Melody 3:35–Dave
Berry This Strange Effect 2:31–The Byrds Mr. Tambourine Man 2:19–Sonny &
Cher I Got You Babe 3:06–Them Here Comes The Night 2:46–The Supremes I
Hear A Symphony 2:42–Manfred Mann If You Gotta Go, Go Now 2:27–Jewel Akens
The Birds And The Bees 2:07–Peggy March Mit 17 Hat Man Noch Traüme 2:44–The
Four Tops It's The Same Old Song 2:46–Jay & The Americans Cara Mia 2:31–The
McCoys Hang On Sloopy 3:03–The Yardbirds For Your Love 2:19

–Percy Sledge When A Man Loves A Woman 2:47–The Walker Brothers The Sun
Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore 3:00–James Brown It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World
2:41–Bobby Hebb Sunny 2:41–Tom Jones Green Green Grass Of Home 3:03–Al
Martino Spanish Eyes 2:45–Dusty Springfield You Don't Have To Say You Love
Me 2:48–Dave Berry Mama 2:47–Cher Bang Bang 2:47–Ferre Grignard Ring Ring
I've Got To Sing 3:53–The Mamas & The Papas Monday Monday 3:21–Donovan
Mellow Yellow 3:40–The New Vaudeville Band Winchester Cathedral 2:25–Chris
Montez The More I See You 2:40–Herman's Hermits No Milk Today 2:52–The
Supremes You Can't Hurry Love 2:45–Junior Walker & The All Stars How Sweet
It Is (To Be Loved By You) 2:58–Four Tops Reach Out, I'll Be There 2:53–Los
Bravos Black Is Black 2:56–The Troggs Wild Thing 2:33

–Bee Gees Massachusetts 2:23–Adamo Inch Allah 4:44–Keith West Excerpt
From ''A Teenage Opera'' 4:38–Herman's Hermits There's A Kind Of Hush 2:33–
Scott McKenzie San Francisco 2:58–The Beach Boys Good Vibrations 3:41–The
Supremes Reflections 2:50–Sonny & Cher The Beat Goes On 3:24–Miriam Makeba
Pata Pata 3:00–Engelbert Humperdinck Release Me 3:18–Procol Harum A Whiter
Shade Of Pale 4:03–Bobbie Gentry Ode To Billy Joe 4:19–Four Tops Standing
In The Shadows Of Love 2:34–Jess & James Move 3:51–The Spencer Davis Group
I'm A Man 2:53–The Hollies Carrie Anne 2:53–Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick &
Tich Zabadak 3:52–Herd From The Underworld 3:16–Jeff Beck Hi-Ho Silver
Lining 2:51–Jefferson Airplane Somebody To Love 2:58

–Otis Redding The Dock Of The Bay 2:40–The Moody Blues Nights In White
Satin 4:24–Marbles (3) Only One Woman 2:54–Bee Gees World 3:10–Aphrodite's
Child Rain And Tears 3:08–Louis Armstrong What A Wonderful World 2:14–John
Rowles If I Only Had Time 2:45–Esther & Abi Ofarim Cinderella Rockefella
2:28–Dusty Springfield Son Of A Preacherman 2:25–Marvin Gaye I Heard It
Through The Grapevine 3:16–Tom Jones Delilah 3:21–The Love Affair
Everlasting Love 2:57–Amen Corner Bend Me, Shape Me 2:34–Small Faces Tin
Soldier 3:19–Canned Heat On The Road Again 3:23–New Inspiration You Made A
Fool Of Me 2:53–Jess & James Something For Nothing 2:21–Billy Joe Royal
Hush 2:28–Julie Driscoll This Wheel's On Fire 3:32–Arthur Brown Fire 2:56

–Percy Sledge My Special Prayer 3:01–Robin Gibb Saved By The Bell 3:03–
Nilsson* Everybody's Talkin' 2:43–Fleetwood Mac Albatross 3:06–Wallace
Collection Daydream 5:01–Scaffold Lily The Pink 4:18–Peter Sarstedt Where
Do You Go To My Lovely 4:39–Thunderclap Newman Something In The Air 3:53–
The Fifth Dimension Aquarius 3:52–Grapefruit Deep Water 2:15–The Pebbles
Seven Horses In The Sky 3:44–Blood, Sweat And Tears Spinning Wheel 4:05–The
Beach Boys I Can Hear Music 2:35–Zager & Evans In The Year 2525 3:08–The
Hollies Sorry Suzanne 3:58–Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg Je T'aime ... Moi
Non Plus 4:18–Donovan Atlantis 5:01–Chicken Shack I'd Rather Go Blind 3:11–
Jimmy Cliff Wonderful World, Beautiful People 3:12–Sir Douglas Quintet
Mendocino 2:40
Ty To Original Sharer
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
-Eleanor Roosevelt


Deram Record Story (Singles) Cat Stevens "Mathew and Son" 1966

Posted: 24 Jan 2021 05:22 AM PST

"Matthew and Son" is a single written, composed, and performed by Cat
Stevens. It was selected as the title song for his 1967 debut album.
Stevens was a newly signed teenage singer-songwriter, who performed to
elaborate arrangements quite different from the skiffle which had, in part,
inspired him to begin writing and performing.The song remains Cat Stevens'
highest charting single in the British Isles, reaching Number 2 in the UK
and Number 3 in Ireland in early 1967.OriginsThe song, according to
Stevens, took its name from the tailor, Henry Matthews, who made suits for
Stevens, who thought up the story of the worker who is the main character
in the song.Stevens later commented, "I had a girlfriend, and she was
working for this big firm, and I didn't like the way that she had to spend
so much of her time working. The riff seemed to fit the words, Matthew and
Son. There was a bit of social comment there about people being slaves to
other people."The song was covered by the band The Delgados in a 2002 Peel
session and included on their 2006 collection The Complete BBC Peel
Sessions.The song's verse sounds similar to Tears For Fears' 1982
single "Mad World". Yusuf/Cat made a reference to this at a concert on his
2016 tour while playing 'Matthew and Son', inserting the lyrics 'I think
it's kind of funny, I think it's kind of strange, yes I think it's kind of
funny, that this sounds the same!‘.Echo and the Bunnymen would borrow the
melody for their 1983 hit "The Cutter"Cat Stevens also refers to Matthew
and Son, including a small four note riff from the original song, in a
later song, "(I Never Wanted) To Be a Star" from his album Izitso.StoryThe
song is about a business called Matthew And Son; workers there, some of
whom have fifty years of experience with the business, are wage slaves, and
because all of them are too apathetic and/or too timid to do so, none of
them dare ask for raises, or promotions to higher-paying work, despite a
commonality of financial hardship. ("He's got people who've been working
for fifty years | No-one asks for more money 'cause nobody dares | Even
though they're pretty low and the rent's in arrears.") They receive few
breaks in their routine, and their food is generally poor. ("There's a
five-minute break | And that's all you take | For a cup of cold coffee and
a piece of cake.")The kind of business in which Matthew And Son engages is
not specified in the lyrics. Most likely we can assume that Matthew and Son
is an office in the city. ("The files in your head, you take them to bed,
you're never ever through.")In filmThe song appears on the soundtrack of
Michael Apted's Stardust and in the Wes Anderson film
Rushmore.ChartsSongYear Chart UK Chart Position1967 UK Singles Chart No.
2PersonnelCat Stevens - vocalsJohn Paul Jones - bass guitarNicky Hopkins -
keyboardsAlan Tew – orchestral arrangementsCat Stevens – Matthew And
SonLabel:Deram – DM.110Format:Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM,
SingleCountry:UKReleased:30 Dec 1966



Beryl Marsden - CHANGES: The Story Of Beryl Marsden

Posted: 24 Jan 2021 01:56 AM PST

Beryl Marsden was one of the undeservedly neglected singers to come out of
the Liverpool beat boom. A powerful vocalist with a fine sense of style,
she was a precocious talent similar to Lulu in that she could bring her own
style and stamp to American R&B and soul standards from her mid-teens
onward. Born Beryl Hogg (and no relation to Gerry Marsden of Gerry & the
Pacemakers) in Liverpool, she began her professional career backed by a
band called the Crew and was signed to Decca Records in 1963.
She released a pair of singles on the label that somehow failed to click,
the first ("I Know") rather inexplicably and the second, a cover of "When
the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes," when the Supremes' version
eclipsed it. Marsden had the distinction of being one of the earliest
performers to be managed by Tony Stratton-Smith, a sports journalist turned
music maven who later founded Charisma Records and managed such acts as the
Nice, Genesis, and Lindisfarne. Marsden jumped to EMI's Columbia label in
1965 and lasted there for two singles, of which "Break-A-Way" -- arranged
and conducted by Ivor Raymonde, outdoing his work with Dusty Springfield --
was a British pop-soul jewel. After the failure of her single "What's She
Got" in 1966, Marsden changed her approach to music. Her solo career having
failed to ignite sales, Marsden joined Rod Stewart in Shotgun Express and
after that moved on to a stint with an all-girl band called She Trinity
before linking up with Paddy Chambers (of Paddy, Klaus & Gibson) in a group
called Sinbad. During the 1970s, she also performed as a member of a group
called the Gamblers. Marsden was most visible on record as a session
vocalist and resumed her work as a solo act in the 1980s. Perhaps her high
point as a singer -- and the highest tribute ever paid this underrated
talent -- was her stint performing as a member of the latter-day Martha &
the Vandellas alongside Martha Reeves. Marsden never recorded enough during
the 1960s to support a compilation album, much less a CD of her work, which
has reappeared as part of anthologies such as Deram Records' The Girls'
Scene ("When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes"), EMI's Beat at
Abbey Road 1963-1965 ("Break-A-Way"), and her rendition of the
Shirelles' "Everybody Loves a Lover" appeared on See for Miles' 1985
compilation LP At the Cavern.

" Beryl Marsden is one of those names that diligent British Invasion
scholars are likely to be aware of, but unlikely to actually have heard
much or at all. She has footnotes in some history books as being one of the
most popular woman vocalists in Liverpool in the early to mid-'60s, as well
as for singing on a 1966 single by the early quasi-supergroup the Shotgun
Express (who also included Rod Stewart and Peter Green). This has all dozen
of the tracks she issued on Decca and Columbia from 1963-1966, as well as,
less interestingly, three 1979-1981 recordings, and eight done just a few
years prior to this 2012 compilation. It's one of those anthologies that
doesn't really live up to the reputation of the artist, frankly, as Marsden
was an OK singer, but not superb. Her '60s singles (there's also a live
track from the At the Cavern LP) had serviceable covers of American soul
and girl group-type songs that didn't match the originals, as well as some
more Merseybeat-influenced pop tunes (including "Love Is Going to Happen to
Me," co-written by a young Lesley Duncan with her brother). The
orchestrated pop of the Shotgun Express single "I Could Feel the Whole
World Turn Around," though not typical of her style, is actually the best
song (a previously unreleased alternate take of the subsequent Shotgun
Express track "Funny 'Cos Neither Could I" including her voice is also
here, though the issued 45 did not include her vocals). The recordings of a
more modern vintage are way too synth pop-heavy (even on the '60s soul/girl
group covers) to be of much if any interest to those who are curious about
her British Invasion-era recordings, though her voice remained in good
shape. The compilation's for a specialized audience even by British
Invasion collector standards, but the packaging's excellent, the lengthy
liner notes including many recollections by Marsden herself. "
Shotgun Express

Beryl Marsden - vocalsRod Stewart - harmonica/vocals Peter Bardens -
organPeter Green - guitar Phil Sawyer - guitarDave Ambrose - bass
guitarMick Fleetwood - drums
Shotgun Express were a short-lived band, they only stayed together for a
few months from late '66 - early '67. Their main importance lies in what
the individual members went on to achieve with other groups. Rod Stewart
joined ex-Yardbird Jeff Beck in The Jeff Beck Group, Green and Fleetwood
were briefly with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers before going on to form
Fleetwood Mac, and Bardens was with The Love Affair before forming Village.

Shotgun Express ‎– I Could Feel The Whole World Turn Round (1966)


Rock Archeologia 60-70

Rock Archeologia 60 - 70

Blue Sandelwood Soap - Loring Park Love-Ins 1968 (USA, Garage/Psychedelic

Posted: 24 Jan 2021 02:39 PM PST

Исполнитель: Blue Sandelwood Soap

Откуда: USA

Альбом: Loring Park Love-Ins

Год выхода: 1968

Жанр: Garage/Psychedelic Rock

Формат: MP3 CBR 320

Размер архива: 132 МB


01. Friends I Havent Met Yet 3:06

02. Nickel Bag Of Blue 2:25

03. How Can I Show My Love 2:57

04. Reborn In Eastern Meditiation 2:49

05. Love Pirt! 5:17

06. Without A Sound 2:33

07. Did You See The Man 3:38

08. Just For The Moment 3:35

09. What Is Life 1:58

10. A Most Unusual Way 2:57

11. A Childlike Face 2:19

12. Love Is 2:06

13. Thats Cool 3:23

14. Interludes 3:05

15. The Girl Stares Coldly 2:16

16. I See The Lightning Roar 1:55

17. Age Of The Magic Men 4:17

18. Northwest Airlines (Demo) 2:25


Dan Knutson guitar, vocals

Harley Toberman Farfisa organ

Steve Luck bass

Dave Bergsland drums
Члены группы с примкнувшими к ним хиппи, 1967


Kirsti & Benny - Barnvisor Fr Vuxna 1973 (Norway/Sweden, Pop)

Posted: 24 Jan 2021 12:43 PM PST

Исполнитель: Kirsti & Benny

Откуда: Norway/Sweden

Альбом: Barnvisor För Vuxna

Год выхода: 1973

Жанр: Pop

Формат: MP3 CBR 320

Размер архива: 67 МB


01. En Liten Karamell 2:38

02. Striden Om Slottet 2:22

03. Hon Är Min 2:30

04. Tänker På En Saga 2:32

05. Barn Och Mat 1:38

06. Två Små Hjul 2:48

07. En Liten Flicka Med Röda Naglar 2:40

08. Barnvisa Till Vuxna 1:19

09. Barnevakten, Barnevakten 2:38

10. Stine Och Granen 2:50

11. En Nyss Förlorad Tand 2:26

12. Tankar När Hos Sover 2:52


Kirsti Sparboe vocals

Benny Borg vocals, composer

Sigurd Jansen arranger

Johnny Sareussen producer
Kirsti Sparboe & Benny Borg


Gypsy - Unlock The Gates 1973 (USA, Progressive/Pop Rock)

Posted: 24 Jan 2021 12:42 PM PST

Исполнитель: Gypsy

Откуда: USA

Альбом: Unlock The Gates

Год выхода: 1973

Жанр: Progressive/Pop Rock

Формат: MP3 CBR 320

Размер архива: 72.9 МB

Продолжение темы. Четвертый (последний) альбом группы.


01. Is That News? 3:16

02. Make Peace With Jesus 3:17

03. One Step Away 3:11

04. Bad Whore (The Machine) 2:49

05. Unlock The Gates 3:40

06. Toin It 2:49

07. Need You Baby 3:04

08. Smooth Operator 3:22

09. Dont Get Mad (Get Even) 3:15

10. Precious One 4:19


Rico (Enrico) Rosenbaum guitar, vocals

James C. Johnson lead guitar, vocals

James Walsh keyboards, vocals

Randy Cates bass, vocals

Bill Lordan drums


Walter Parazaider saxophone

James Pankow trombone

Lee Loughnane trumpet

Jack Richardson, Jim Mason producers


Jumbo - Jumbo 1972 (Italy, Progressive/Blues Rock)

Posted: 24 Jan 2021 12:40 PM PST

Исполнитель: Jumbo

Откуда: Italy

Альбом: Jumbo

Год выхода: 1972

Жанр: Progressive/Blues Rock

Формат: MP3 CBR 320

Размер архива: 85.9 МB
Дебютный альбом группы из Милана, сформированной в конце 1969 года
вокалистом Alvaro Jumbo Fella (ex- The Juniors), имевшим контракт с лейблом
Philips. По его прозвищу Jumbo и назвали всю группу Почитать о группе можно


01. Oggi Saro La 5:19

02. E Se Dopo Tu Mi Amassi 4:31

03. Lei Non Conta Niente 3:32

04. Che Senso Ha 5:23

05. Dio E 5:11

06. Amore Sono Qua 4:53

07. La Strada Che Porta Al Fiume 3:24

08. Artista 3:50

09. Ho Visto Piangere 1:54


Alvaro Jumbo Fella vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion

Sergio Samuel Conte keyboards, vocals

Daniele Pupo Bianchini electric guitar

Dario Guidotti flute, harmonica, acoustic guitar, vocals

Aldo Gargano bass, electric guitar

Vito Juarak Balzano drums, percussion, vocals


Silvio Crippa producer


Bear - Greetings, Children Of Paradise 1968 (USA, Psychedelic Rock)

Posted: 24 Jan 2021 08:54 AM PST

Исполнитель: Bear

Откуда: USA

Альбом: Greetings, Children Of Paradise

Год выхода: 1968

Жанр: Psychedelic Rock

Формат: MP3 CBR 320 (Vinyl Rip)

Размер архива: 74 МB
This Boston band was originally called Children Of Paradise and recorded
the theme music for an early Brian De Palma film, ‘Greetings’ starring a
young Robert De Niro. Members included Eric Kaz (keyboards, vocals), Steve
Sols (lead vocals), Artie Traum (guitar, vocals), Skip Boone (bass), Darius
Davenport (drums). They released one single and a solo LP titled ‘Greeting,
Children Of Paradise’. This awesome LP is a perfect blend of jazzy
folk-psych and amazingly has yet to be officially reissued on CD.


01. Greetings! 2:33

02. So Loose And So Slow 2:17

03. Like Cats 3:39

04. Happy Days 2:13

05. What Difference 6:18

06. Its Getting Very Cold Outside 3:08

07. I Wont Be Hangin Round 3:00

08. Dont Say A Word 2:31

09. Dont You Ever Want To Think About Them? 3:24

10. The Hungry Dogs Of New Mexico 3:55


Steve Soles vocals

Artie Traum guitar

Eric Kaz keyboards

Skip Boone bass

Darius Davenport drums


John Boylan producer


Michael Hurley - Hi Fi Snock Uptown 1972 (USA, Folk/Country Folk)

Posted: 24 Jan 2021 07:39 AM PST

Исполнитель: Michael Hurley

Откуда: USA

Альбом: Hi Fi Snock Uptown

Год выхода: 1972

Жанр: Folk/Country Folk

Формат: MP3 CBR 320

Размер архива: 99.7 МB

Продолжение темы.


01. Blue Driver 3:37

02. Water Train 2:58

03. The Sun Is Slowly Sinkin 3:08

04. Old Black Crow 0:49

05. The Twilight Zone 5:07

06. Im Worried Im Worried 3:00

07. In Florida 2:27

08. Mr. Whiskerwits 4:03

09. Lilly Pads Upon The Pond 3:08

10. Eyes Eyes 2:44

11. The Girl I Love 2:13

12. Uncle Bobs Corner 3:45

13. Rat Face 0:23

14. Trinidad 4:35


Michael Hurley vocals, guitar, mock trumpet, whistling

Banana guitar, bass (01), mandolin, piano, claves, pedal steel guitar,
backing vocals

Michael Kane bass

Joe Bauer drums

Stuart Kutchins producer


Jacky Elkayam - Jacky Elkayam 1973 (Israel, Folk/Pop Rock)

Posted: 24 Jan 2021 07:37 AM PST

Исполнитель: Jacky Elkayam

Откуда: Israel

Альбом: Jacky Elkayam

Год выхода: 1973

Жанр: Folk/Pop Rock

Формат: MP3 CBR 320

Размер архива: 89.2 МB
Jacky Elkayam родился в Марокко в 1953 году. В 1956 году со своей семьёй
репатриировался в Израиль. Его музыкальная карьера началась в начале 70-х
годов с концертов в клубах. В октябре 1971 года выпустил свою первую песню
«Ive Got To Love Again» с текстами и мелодиями, которые написал сам. В 1973
году выпустил свой дебютный альбом. Кроме прочих, его песни исполняла Eti


01. Angelique 3:49

02. Dolores 3:13

03. You 4:02

04. Leonel 5:12

05. Love In Harmony 4:16

06. Ive Got To Love Again 3:40

07. I Believe When I Sing 4:15

08. About Strange Things 2:26

09. Changes 5:27

10. My Darling 3:42


Jacky Elkayam vocals, guitar

Shlomo Gronich arranger

Yitzhak Gizri producer
Обложка сингла


Blac Dog - Backwoods Boogie 1978 (USA, Southern/Hard/Blues Rock)

Posted: 24 Jan 2021 06:18 AM PST

Исполнитель: Blac Dog

Откуда: USA

Альбом: Backwoods Boogie

Год выхода: 1978

Жанр: Southern/Hard/Blues Rock

Формат: MP3 CBR 320 (Vinyl Rip)

Размер архива: 65.5 МB

Единственный альбом таинственной группы из Луизианы.


01. Backwoods Boogie 2:56

02. Iggi Diggi Di 3:00

03. Wag My Tail 2:52

04. Im A Lover 3:28

05. The Betail 3:02

06. Blackbird 2:20

07. Pennie Piney Moe 4:31

08. Nobody Like You 3:46

09. Funky Fever 2:44


Bobby Joe Kubelka lead vocals

Jimmy Domengeaux lead guitar, backing vocals

Randy DeRouen bass, backing vocals

Greg (Heavy Duty) Broussard harp, backing vocals

Eddy Bodin drums, percussion


Buddy King producer


The Holy Modal Rounders - Good Taste Is Timeless 1971 (Folk/Country Rock)

Posted: 24 Jan 2021 04:49 AM PST

Исполнитель: The Holy Modal Rounders

Откуда: USA

Альбом: Good Taste Is Timeless

Год выхода: 1971

Жанр: Folk/Country Rock

Формат: MP3 CBR 320

Размер архива: 80.9 МB

Продолжение темы. Пятый студийный альбом группы.


01. Once A Year 2:07

02. Black Bottom 2:41

03. Happy Scrapple Daddy Polka 2:19

04. Spring Of 65 5:51

05. Livin Off The Land 2:13

06. Love Is The Closest Thing 2:11

07. Boobs A Lot 2:49

08. Melinda 2:20

09. Generalonely 4:15

10. Alligator Man 2:29

11. City Blues 4:14

12. The Whole World Oughta Go On A Vacation 3:00


Peter Stampfel violin, banjo, vocals

Steve Weber guitar, vocals, oscillator

John Wesley Annas bass guitar, kazoo, jug, vocals

Robin Remaily mandolin, violin, rhythm guitar, clarinet, jews harp,
vocals, oscillator

Michael McCarty drums, percussion, tambourine, cowbell, vocals


Richard Tyler piano, organ

Pete Drake pedal steel guitar (01, 06)

D. J. Fontana tambourine (02), percussion (10)

Tracy Nelson harmony vocals (06)

Bob Dorough producer
L to R: Peter Stampfel, Richard Tyler, John Wesley Annas, Robin Remaily,
Steve Weber, Michael McCarty


Daniel Amos - Shotgun Angel 1977 (USA, Christian/Country Rock)

Posted: 24 Jan 2021 02:39 AM PST

Исполнитель: Daniel Amos

Откуда: USA

Альбом: Shotgun Angel

Год выхода: 1977

Жанр: Christian/Country Rock

Формат: MP3 CBR 320

Размер архива: 60.2 МB

Продолжение темы. Второй студийный альбом калифорнийской группы.


01. Days And Nights 2:20

02. Black Gold Fever 3:01

03. Praise Song 3:50

04. Fathers Arms 4:26

05. Meal 2:07

06. Shotgun Angel 3:41

07. Finale: Bereshith Overture 2:18

08. Lady Goodbye 2:28

09. The Whistler 2:51

10. Hes Gonna Do A Number On You 2:31

11. Better 2:24

12. Sail Me Away 5:04

13. Posse In The Sky 4:35


Jerry Chamberlain lead guitar, lead vocals

Terry Taylor rhythm guitar, lead vocals

Marty Dieckmeyer bass

Mark Cook keyboards, lead vocals

Ed McTaggart drums, percussion, vocals


Frank Marocco accordion

Dom Franco pedal steel guitar

Alex MacDougall, Robert Petry percussion

Pete Jacobs clarinet (02)

John Benson eefin (05)

Mike Shoup voice (06)

Jim Stipech strings conductor & arrangements

Jonathan David Brown engineer, producer




[FLAC] GONG - Brest - 1974

Posted: 24 Jan 2021 10:03 AM PST

O Gong teve seu início quando o saudoso Daevid Allen se mudou de Paris para
a Inglaterra em 1961 onde alugou um quarto em uma pequena aldeia nas
proximidades de Kent e conheceu lá o filho do proprietário da casa, nada
menos que Robert Wyatt, na época com apenas 16 anos. Formaram então o
Daevid Allen Trio que, mais tarde se juntaria aos remanescentes do Wilde
Flowers (leia-se Kevin Ayers e Wyatt) e formariam o embrião do Soft Machine.
Após uma tour pela Europa, Allen tem problemas com seu visto e é impedido
de entrar novamente na Inglaterra tendo assim que retornar a Paris.
Chegando lá conheceu sua eterna musa e parceira Gilli Smyth, os dois
formaram a primeira encarnação do Gong, que se desmanchou durante a
Revolução Estudantil de 1968, quando Allen e Smyth foram obrigados a ir
para Majorca, na Espanha. Lá eles conheceram o saxofonista Didier Malherbe,
que morava em uma caverna na aldeia de Deya.
Durante esse período o cineasta Jerome La Perrousaz os convidou para voltar
à França para gravar trilhas sonoras para seus filmes. Eles também
conseguiram um contrato com a gravadora independente BYG, gravando os
discos 'Magick Brother, Mystic Sister' e 'Bananmoon', este último um
trabalho solo de Allen.
Em 1971, a banda decola com o lançamento do 'Camembert Electrique' que foi
o primeiro álbum a retratar a mística história do personagem central, Zero
The Hero incluindo os Pot Head Pixies do Planeta Gong e o Radio Gnome
Entre os anos de 73 e 74 lançaram a trilogia Radio Gnome Invisible (Flying
Teapot, Angels Egg, You) onde se continuava a saga de Zero The Hero. Todos
os personagens,lugares e situações foram criados por Allen e Smyth durante
muitas de suas viagens psicodélicas.
Vale lembrar que esses três registros contam com a ilustre participação de
Steve Hillage que, em minha modesta opinião, é um dos melhores guitarristas
de todos os tempos e que muito contribuiu para o bom andamento do movimento
Canterbury no começo dos anos 70.
Outro nome que vale a pena ser citado é o de Tim Blake (Hawkwind), exímio
tecladista que conduzia um VCS 3 como poucos, era capaz de fazer com que a
timbragem desse poderoso sintetizador soasse ainda mais ácida e
psicodelicamente absurda.
O Bootleg a seguir conta com uma faixa do álbum 'Camembert Electrique' e o
restante das obras-primas 'Flying Teapot' e 'Angel´s Egg', que viria a se
tornar uma trilogia com o lançamento de 'You' em outubro de 1974.
O destaque desse registro gravado em 02 de Fevereiro de 1974, na cidade
francesa de Brest, vai para a faixa Radio Gnome Invisible com uma versão
estendida que ultrapassa seus treze minutos de pura viagem.
No livro lançado em 2009 e escrito por Allen, intitulado por 'Gong Dreaming
2: The Histories and Mysteries of Gong from 1969-1979', o autor cita que
vivenciou uma memorável viagem de ácido no palco.
A qualidade do áudio é bem razoável mas tenho esse como um dos melhores
registros ao vivo de todo o meu pequeno acervo. Disponibilizado em FLAC
para uma melhor audição.



1. The Other Side Of The Sky
2. Dynamite (Bambule)
3. Castle In The Clouds
4. 6/8
5. Radio Gnome Invisible
6. Zero The Hero And The Witch's Spell (cut)

1. Zero The Hero And The Witch's Spell (coda - cuts in)
2. Sold To The Highest Buddha
3. I Never Glid Before
4. Fohat Digs Holes In Space
5. Flute Salad
6. Oily Way (cut)


Old Melodies ...

Old Melodies ...


Posted: 23 Jan 2021 09:51 AM PST


Thanks Joe !


The Beatles - The Lost Paris Tapes

Posted: 23 Jan 2021 08:18 AM PST

The Beatles'The Lost Paris Tapes'Olympia Theatre, Paris, FranceRecorded In
January 1964
A found tape featuring unbooted "I Saw Her Standing There" and "Long Tall
Sally" plus fragments of "From Me To You".
Liner notes: This album brings you for the very first time the most
complete available recordings of The Beatles Olympia season in Paris in
January 1964. "I Saw Her Standing There" and "Long Tall Sally" have never
appeared on disc before. "This Boy", "From Me To You" and "Twist And Shout"
have never sounded so good, beating the sound quality of the most excellent
album, "Les Beatles A Paris"
Track List: 01 Beatles' Interview at the Bourget Airport [53 seconds]02 If
I Had A Hammer (Trini Lopez)03 Robert Marcy's comment04 From Me To You05
This Boy06 I Want To Hold Your Hand07 She Loves You08 Twist And Shout09
Robert Marcy's comment again 10 I Saw Her Standing There11 This Boy
(Incomplete)12 Twist And Shout13 From Me To You (Incomplete Instrumental
Version)14 Long Tall Sally15 From Me Yo You (Incomplete Instrumental
Version)16 From Me To You

Thanks Joe


USA Garage Greats Vol 1 1965-67

Posted: 23 Jan 2021 05:26 AM PST

Vol 1A series of 175 volumes of mostly American garage bands published
initially by Twilight Zone blogger Gyro on his digital label Gyro
Records.Released 7 March 2008EnjoyTy To Gyro
Here we have a rare collection of 27 garage greats,.. ... many are first
time on comps anywhere! Very rare comp, now impossible to find!"GREEN
KNIGHT" - USA Garage Greats 1965-1967 VA (GYRO RECORDS)traxfromwax:1. I
Can't Explain This Feeling - The Tasmanians 2. If I Don't - The Tasmanians
3. Green Knight - The Movement 4. Hey Girl (Won't You Listen) - The Mark IV
5. I See The Light - The One Way Street 6. Tears In My Eyes - The One Way
Street 7. The Original Nothing People - The Beatin' Path 8. Things Are
Different Now - The Innsmen 9. I Don't Know - The Innsmen 10. Can't You See
- Count & The Colony 11. If I Do - The Ambertones 12. Hit The Road Jack -
The Bar Boys 13. That's The Sound Of My Heart - The Bar Boys 14. I Need You
- The Bassmen 15. Do You Believe Me - Byron & The Mortals 16. Music (It's
Here To Stay) - Byron & The Mortals 17. Pretty Little Thing - The Deepest
Blue 18. Somebody's Girl - The Deepest Blue 19. Turn Into Earth - The Derby
Hatfield 20. You'll Forget Me - The Derby Hatfield 21. Leave Me Alone - The
Canadian Squires 22. Uh-Uh-Uh - The Canadian Squires 23. I've Got Something
To Say - The Interns 24. The Trip - The Interns 25. I'd Cry For You - The
Centuries 26. Dear John - The Chancellors 27. 5 Minus 3 - The

H.R. Pufnstuf Original LP (Soundtrack) 1970

Posted: 23 Jan 2021 04:32 AM PST

H.R. Pufnstuf is a children's television series produced by Sid and Marty
Krofft in the United States. It was the first Krofft live-action,
life-sized-puppet program. The seventeen episodes were originally broadcast
from September 6, 1969, to December 27, 1969. The broadcasts were
successful enough that NBC kept it on the Saturday morning schedule until
August 1972. The show was shot in Paramount Studios and its opening was
shot in Big Bear Lake, California. Reruns of the show aired on ABC Saturday
morning from September 2, 1972, to September 8, 1973, and on Sunday
mornings in some markets from September 16, 1973, to September 8, 1974. It
was syndicated by itself from September 1974 to June 1978 and in a package
with six other Krofft series under the banner Krofft Superstars from 1978
to 1985. Reruns of the show were featured on TV Land in 1999 as part of
their "Super Retrovision Saturdaze" Saturday morning-related overnight
prime programming block and in the summer of 2004 as part of their "TV Land
Kitschen" weekend late-night prime programming block, and was later shown
on MeTV from 2014 until 2016.In 2004 and 2007, H.R. Pufnstuf was ranked #22
and #27 respectively on TV Guide's Top Cult Shows Ever.The Kroffts created
the H.R. Pufnstuf character for the HemisFair '68 world's fair where they
produced a show called Kaleidoscope for the Coca-Cola pavilion. The
character's name was Luther, and he became a mascot for the fair.H.R.
Pufnstuf introduced the Kroffts' most-used plot scenario of a fairy tale of
good versus evil, as well as their second plot scenario of the stranger in
a strange land. The show centered on a shipwrecked boy named Jimmy, played
by teenage actor Jack Wild. He is 11 years old when he arrives on the
island and turns 12 in the episode called "The Birthday Party". Jimmy and a
talking flute named Freddy take a ride on a mysterious boat, but the boat
was actually owned by a wicked witch named Wilhelmina W. Witchiepoo (played
by Billie Hayes) who rode on a broomstick-vehicle called the Vroom Broom.
She used the boat to lure Jimmy and Freddy to her castle on Living Island,
where she was going to take Jimmy prisoner and steal Freddy for her own
purposes.The Mayor of Living Island was a friendly and helpful
anthropomorphic dragon named H.R. Pufnstuf, performed by Roberto Gamonet
and voiced by the show's writer Lennie Weinrib, who also voices many of the
other characters. The dragon rescued Jimmy and protects him from
Witchiepoo, as his cave was the only place where her magic had no
effect.All of the characters on Living Island were realized by large
cumbersome costumes or puppetry of anthropomorphic animals and objects.
Everything was alive on the island, including houses, boats, clocks,
candles, and so forth; virtually any part of the Living Island sets could
become a character, usually voiced in a parody of a famous film star such
as Mae West, Edward G. Robinson, or John Wayne.CharactersMainJimmy
(portrayed by Jack Wild) – A young English human who was lured to Living
Island by an enchanted boat. Witchiepoo controlled the boat with the aim of
stealing Jimmy's magic talking flute named Freddy.H.R. Pufnstuf (performed
by Roberto Gamonet, voiced by Lennie Weinrib in a Southern accent) – A
friendly dragon who is the Mayor of Living Island.Freddy the Flute (voiced
by Joan Gerber) – A magic talking flute that is owned by Jimmy. He is often
targeted by Witchiepoo.Cling and Clang (performed by Joy Campbell and
Angelo Rossitto) – Two short mute keystone cops who work for H.R. Pufnstuf
as his Rescue Racer Crew. Cling wears red and Clang wears green. Although
they appear vaguely animal-like with their beaked faces, and furry
three-toed feet, the Kroffts have said they are actually bells, hence their
names.Wilhelmina W. Witchiepoo (portrayed by Billie Hayes) – The primary
antagonist of the series; a wicked but ineffective witch who has been
targeting Freddy the Flute to use him in her own agendas. She rides a large
rocket-powered broom with a steering wheel called the Vroom Broom. She is
mean to everyone around her, even her henchmen, whom she constantly whacks
with her wand. Yet when faced with failure, she usually starts to pity
herself, by asking "Why me?"Orson Vulture (performed by Joy Campbell,
voiced by Lennie Weinrib) – A stuffy, somewhat inept vulture who is one of
Witchiepoo's henchmen. As her favorite flunky, he multitasks as her
sounding board, butler, and co-pilot on her Vroom Broom. Orson once made
the mistake of asking what the W. in his boss' name stood for. The answer:
WHACK!Seymour Spider (performed by Angelo Rossitto, voiced by Walker
Edmiston) – A dim-witted spider who is another of Witchiepoo's henchmen. As
her second favorite flunky, he primarily serves her as an alternative
sounding board and hairdresser.Stupid Bat (performed by Sharon Baird,
voiced by Lennie Weinrib) – A bat who is the least favorite and least seen
of Witchiepoo's henchmen. He mainly serves as her messenger. As his name
implies, he is not very bright and his messages are usually delivered one
second too late.Skeleton Guards – Two skeletons who guard Witchiepoo's
castle. They are easily spooked, and will often run from danger in a flash,
but not before their armor and capes fly off in a cartoonish
fashion.OthersDr. Blinky (performed by John Silver, voiced by Walker
Edmiston impersonating Ed Wynn) – An owl who is Living Island's local
physician and scientist. Dr. Blinky is also the head of H.R.
Pufnstuf's "Anti-Smog, Pollution, and Witch Committee".Judy the Frog
(performed by Sharon Baird, voiced by Joan Gerber) – A singing, dancing
frog who is one of H.R. Pufnstuf's friends and the resident entertainer.
Judy is based on Judy Garland, whom Sid Krofft had previous toured with and
opened for.Pop Lolly (voiced by Lennie Weinrib) – A living lollipop who
makes and sells candy and other sweet goods.Cheese Guards – Two guards that
are living pieces of cheese who work for Pop Lolly. They would often help
Pop Lolly fend off a group of Hippie Ants who want to have free
candy.Ludicrous Lion (performed by John Silver, voiced by Walker Edmiston
impersonating W. C. Fields) – A lion who works as a peddler and owns a
horse-drawn wagon. He is quite cunning and not always so honest when it
comes to money. Although slightly shady and greedy, he is officially one of
the Good Guys where he would often help to thwart Witchiepoo's
plots.Polka-Dotted Horse (performed by Felix Silla, voiced by Lennie
Weinrib) – A good-natured horse who works for Ludicrous Lion.Tick Tock
(performed by Andy Ratoucheff, voiced by Lennie Weinrib) – A mobile alarm
clock that warns the good characters when Witchiepoo is coming and informs
them of various other dangers.Grandfather Clock (voiced by Walker Edmiston)
– A mobile grandfather clock who is married to Grandmother
Clock.Grandmother Clock (voiced by Joan Gerber) – A mobile grandmother
clock who is married to Grandfather Clock.Miss Wristwatch (voiced by Joan
Gerber impersonating Zsa Zsa Gabor) – A glamorous rich mobile human-sized
wristwatch.Hippie Ants - A group of ants that would try to have free candy
from Pop Lolly.The Boyds - A bunch of birds that serve as Living Island's
residential band. The Boyds are based on The Byrds.Lady Boyd (performed by
Sharon Baird, voiced by Joan Gerber) – A blue bird who is the lead singer
of The Boyds. She was often seen singing the end theme to this show.Shirlee
Pufnstuf (performed by Sharon Baird, voiced by Joan Gerber impersonating a
younger Shirley Temple) – A dragon who is H.R. Pufnstuf's sister and a
famous actress.Max Von Toadenoff the Great (voiced by Lennie Weinrib) – A
monocled toad who works as a film director. Max von Toadenoff the Great is
based on Erich von Stroheim.The Good Trees – Several walking, talking trees
who always help out H.R. Pufnstuf and the good guys. In the film Pufnstuf,
the song "Living Island" described them as the "Hippie Trees of Peace and
Love". They consist of:Hippie Tree – (voiced by Lennie Weinrib) A tree with
sunglasses and dreadlocks who often speaks in hippie slang.Madame Willow
(voiced by Joan Gerber) – Also known as the Dowager Tree, Madame Willow is
an older, elitist female tree with a lorgnette.Chief Redwood (voiced by
Walker Edmiston) – Also known as the Indian Tree, Chief Redwood dons a
feathered headdress and speaks in stereotypical Native American
fashion.There is an older, male tree who may or may not be the husband of
Madame Willow.There is another female tree whose lips are always in the
shape of an "O".There is a baby tree.The Evil Trees – Three trees on
Witchiepoo's side that speak in a Transylvanian accent.Evil Tree #1 –
(voiced by Lennie Weinrib impersonating Béla Lugosi) – The leader of the
Evil Trees.Evil Tree #2 – (voiced by Walker Edminston impersonating Peter
Lorre).Evil Tree #3 – (voiced by Lennie Weinrib) A tree that always speaks
in rhyme.The Mushrooms – A group of talking mushrooms on Witchiepoo's side
that turn whoever touches them into mushrooms. The mushroom leader smokes a
cigar and speaks like Jimmy Cagney.The Crustaceans – They are shown in
several episodes as well as the closing theme song, some crab-like
characters who are never named or introduced. There is a family of them,
much like the living clocks and the living trees. They almost never say
anything, but one of them has a couple of brief lines in "The Almost
Election of Witchiepoo."Witchiepoo's Castle – A talking, living entity that
is home to Witchiepoo and her minions. There is also a door inside the
castle that is a separate living entity as well as living pillars.Dr.
Blinky's House – A broken down house, propped up with crutches with a
bandage on one side and an ice pack atop its chimney. It suffers from
explosive sneezing that it has no control over. This usually sends Pufnstuf
and friends running for cover, although it has been occasionally used to
thwart Witchiepoo's plans enough for her to tell the house to cover its
door when it sneezes. It houses several other inanimate talking characters
such as fireplace (who speaks like Edward G. Robinson), a test tube (voiced
by Walker Edmiston) and a candle (voiced by Walker Edmiston). There is a
talking human skull (who speaks like Boris Karloff) and a few talking
books, one of which is named Charlie (voiced by Lennie Weinrib). Charlie's
brother, an evil black book of spells, is kept on Witchiepoo's
nightstand.The Winds – The Winds of Living Island are often called upon by
H.R. Pufnstuf to blow Witchiepoo out of the sky. They consist of the North
Wind (voiced by Walker Edmiston in a shivering voice), the South Wind
(voiced by Joan Gerber in a southern belle voice), the East Wind (voiced by
Walker Edmiston in a Chinese accent), and the West Wind (voiced by Lennie
Weinrib impersonating John Wayne).ProductionAfter creating costumes for
characters in the live-action portion of The Banana Splits Adventure Hour,
Sid and Marty Krofft were asked to develop their own Saturday morning
children's series for NBC. The plot was recycled from Kaleidoscope, a live
puppet show the Kroffts had staged in the Coca-Cola pavilion of the
HemisFair '68 world's fair in 1968, including several key characters from
this show, such as Luther the dragon and a silly witch. Other ideas were
cultivated from Sid's life. As a child, he'd charged friends buttons, not
pennies, to view puppet shows in his back yard;[6] buttons were standard
currency on Living Island. Sid and Marty had toured with their puppets as
the opening act for Judy Garland, and they based Judy the Frog on her.
Ludicrous Lion bears more than a passing resemblance to Irving, the
eponymous lion in a pilot they had made in 1957 called Here's Irving.Sid's
friend, Lionel Bart, asked him to view a rough cut of the movie adaptation
of Oliver. Sid took notice of young actor Jack Wild and immediately decided
that was the kid he wanted to play the lead in his television series. Only
two actresses auditioned to play Witchiepoo. The first was then-unknown
Penny Marshall,[8] but it was felt that she was not right for the part.
Stage veteran Billie Hayes came in next, set into a maniacal cackle and
hopped up on a desk. She was given the part on the spot.For Marty Krofft,
the production was a particular headache. Marty accepted guardianship of
Jack Wild while the teenage boy was in the United States filming the show.
He later described bringing Wild into his home as a mistake, considering he
already had his hands full with two young daughters.Like most children's
television shows of the era, H.R. Pufnstuf contained a laugh track, the
inclusion of which the Kroffts were initially against. Sid Krofft
commented "We were sort of against that, but Si Rose—being in sitcoms—he
felt that when the show was put together that the children would not know
when to laugh." Marty Krofft added "the bottom line—it's sad—you gotta tell
them when it's funny. And the laugh track, (Si) was right. It was
necessary, as much as we were always looking to have a real laugh track, a
real audience. In comedies, if you don't have them (laugh track), you're in
big trouble, because if you don't hear a laugh track, it's not funny. And
that's the way the audience (at home) was programmed to view these
shows."Witchiepoo later appeared in the Lidsville episode "Have I Got a
Girl For Hoo Doo" where she lands a date with Horatio J. Hoodoo. H.R.
Pufnstuf appeared in a segment of Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, as well as
in the Lidsville episode "Have I Got a Girl For Hoo Doo", where Hoo Doo
conjures Pufnstuf as Witchiepoo's date for a witches' dance. The Krofft
Superstar Hour also involved characters in two segments The Lost Island
(which H.R. Pufnstuf was in) and Horror Hotel (which Witchiepoo, Orson
Vulture, Seymour Spider, and Stupid Bat are featured with Hoodoo). The
Kroffts also loaned out the character, with Hayes reprising her role, for
The Paul Lynde Halloween Special, in which she appears as the sister of the
Wicked Witch of the West (portrayed by Margaret Hamilton).Theme songThe
show's theme song, titled "H.R. Pufnstuf", was written by Les Szarvas but
is also credited to Paul Simon. Simon's credit was added when he
successfully sued The Kroffts, claiming that the theme too closely mimicked
his song "The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)". He is credited as
the song's co-writer in TeeVee Tunes's Television's Greatest Hits Volume 5:
In Living Color.A cover of the show's theme song, performed by The Murmurs,
is included on the 1995 tribute album Saturday Morning: Cartoons' Greatest
Hits, produced by Ralph Sall for MCA Records.CastJack Wild – JimmyBillie
Hayes – Wilhelmina W. WitchiepooEnjoyBig Ty To Tony For this Soundtrack

Rock Archeologia 60-70

Rock Archeologia 60 - 70

Catalyst - The Complete Recordings Vol. 1 [2010] (USA, Jazz

Posted: 23 Jan 2021 10:28 AM PST

Исполнитель: Catalyst

Откуда: USA

Альбом: The Complete Recordings Vol. 1

Год выхода: 2010 (recorded in 1972/1973)

Жанр: Jazz Rock/Funk/Fusion

Формат: MP3 CBR 320

Размер архива: 167 МB
Catalyst was a funk/jazz quartet from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, whose
material presaged the work of later jazz fusion artists. The group
encountered regional success in the 1970s and have become more widely known
since the re-release of their material on CD. The group was discovered by
producer Skip Drinkwater, who signed them to Muse Records after hearing
them play at a club in West Philadelphia. Drinkwater and Dennis Wilen
produced their debut self-titled LP, released in 1972 with the following
personnel: Eddie Green (keyboards, vocals), Sherman Ferguson (percussion),
Odean Pope (saxophone, flute, oboe), Alphonso Johnson (bass). The group
received little label support for major tours and so spent most of their
playing time in the Philadelphia and New York areas. The group recorded and
released a second album in 1973 on Muse Records, entitled Perception; by
this time, bassist Johnson had left the group to join Weather Report, and
was replaced by Tyrone Brown. Drinkwater and Wilen also produced this
album. Garnering comparisons to John Coltrane, Weather Report, and Return
to Forever, a cult following had grown up around the band by this time, who
returned in 1974 with Unity, again on Muse. The album featured Billy Hart
in addition to its core members. 1975s A Tear and a Smile would be the
groups final release; poor album sales and disenchantment with the industry
led the group to disband in 1976.


From The Album Catalyst (1972):

01. Aint It The Truth 2:41

02. East 7:59

03. Catalyst Is Coming 8:13

04. Jabali 8:37

05. New-Found Truths 5:28

06. Salaam 1:38

From The Album Perception (1973):

07. Perception 14:33

08. Uzuri 2:59

09. Celestial Bodies 8:48

10. Ile Ife 6:23

11. Got To Be There 2:44

12. Jabali (Demo Recording) 5:35


Eddie Green piano, vocals

Odean Pope oboe (02), tenor saxophone (03, 04, 07-11), flute (03, 06-11)

Al Johnson bass (02, 04, 06)

Sherman Ferguson drums, percussion

Norman Harris guitar (01, 07-11)

Ron Baker bass (01)

Morris Bailey vocals (02)

Anthony Jackson bass (03, 05, 11)

Skip Drinkwater poppy pod (02, 05), producer

Tyrone Brown Fender bass (07-11)

Farel Johnson congas & percussion (07-11)

Billy Hart percussion (07-11)

Pat Gleason Arp synthesizer (07-11)

Dennis Wilen producer

Обложки LP


Catalyst - The Complete Recordings Vol. 2 [2010] (USA, Jazz

Posted: 23 Jan 2021 10:28 AM PST

Исполнитель: Catalyst

Откуда: USA

Альбом: The Complete Recordings Vol. 2

Год выхода: 2010 (recorded in 1974/1975)

Жанр: Jazz Rock/Funk/Fusion

Формат: MP3 CBR 320

Размер архива: 158 МB


From The Album Unity (1974):

01. A Country Song 6:13

02. Little Miss Lady 4:48

03. Maze 5:22

04. Athene 5:26

05. Mail Order 9:12

06. Shorter Street 3:53

From The Album A Tear And A Smile (1975):

07. The Demon, Pt. 1 4:13

08. The Demon, Pt. 2 3:10

09. A Tear And A Smile 4:36

10. Fifty Second Street Boogie Down 3:59

11. Suite For Albeniz 6:14

12. A Prayer Dance 5:55

13. Bahia 6:12


Eddie Green acoustic & electric piano, Moog synthesizer, percussion,
vocals (08)

Odean Pope tenor saxophone, flute, alto flute

Tyrone Brown Fender bass (01-06), electric bass & double acoustic bass

Sherman Ferguson drums, percussion, marimba

Al Johnson bass (01)

Charles Ellerbe guitar (07-13)

Farel Johnson chanter & percussion (07-13)

Michael Peebles cello (11)

George Taylor clarinet & flute (11)

Billy Hart drums (04), percussion (01, 05)

Connie Hamilton flute (04)

Shirley Byrne Brown flute (04, 11)

Steve Tanzer flute (04, 11), Piccolo flute (04), alto flute (11)

Sharon Scott vocals (07-13)

Gail Murdaugh violin (04)

John Blake violin (04, 11)

Aliza Appel viola (11)

Skip Drinkwater producer

Обложки LP


John Littlejohn - Dream 1976 (USA, Chicago Blues)

Posted: 23 Jan 2021 01:32 AM PST

Исполнитель: John Littlejohn

Откуда: USA

Альбом: Dream

Год выхода: 1976

Жанр: Chicago Blues

Формат: MP3 CBR 320

Размер архива: 150 МB

Продолжение темы.


01. Rob And Steal 3:45

02. Five Long Years 3:28

03. Reconsider Baby 3:46

04. Twelve Years Old Boy 6:04

05. Kiddeo 2:47

06. Dream 7:19

07. Thats All Right 7:26

08. I Cant Stay Here 5:17

09. Bobbys Rock 3:49

10. Dust My Broom 4:38

11. Twenty Nine Ways 6:20

12. I Dont Know Why I Love You 2:39

13. I Play The Blues For You 4:03

14. Maybe I Dont Know 2:48

Recorded Live at Ma Beas 3001 W. Madison on November 8th, 1976.


John Littlejohn guitar, vocals

Larry Burton guitar

Aaron Burton bass, vocals (13, 14)

Andrew Blueblood McMahon bass (08)

Candy Utah drums

Marcelle Morgantini producer


Barde - Barde 1977 (Canada, Celtic Folk)

Posted: 23 Jan 2021 12:28 AM PST

Исполнитель: Barde

Откуда: Canada

Альбом: Barde

Год выхода: 1977

Жанр: Celtic Folk

Формат: MP3 CBR 320

Размер архива: 90 МB
Франко-канадская группа из Монреаля, активная в 1973-1983 годах. Начинала
как полностью акустический коллектив, исполняющий фольклор своих предков.


01. Jack McCann; The Battle Of Aughrim 2:59

02. Julia Delaney 2:46

03. The Trowie Burn; The Dark Island 3:34

04. Jigs: Whelans; The Swallows Tail, Colemans Cross 3:22

05. Le Violon Accordé Comme Une Viole 2:18

06. Fanny Power 3:31

07. George Brabazon 1:41

08. Trois Hommes Noirs 5:23

09. The Skye Gathering March, The Boys Lament For His Dragon; Angus Rankin

10. Reels: The Boy In The Gap; The Banshee; The Music In The Glen 3:55

11. P Stands For Paddy 4:45


Richard Chapman vocals, mandolin, tenor banjo, dulcimer, guitar

Toby Cinnséalac tin whistle, soprano recorder, bones, tambourine

Pierre Guérin vocals, accordion, english concertina, tenor recorder

Chris MacRáġallaíġ vocals, fiddle, bodhrán, tambourine

Elliot Selick fiddle, 5-string banjo, tin whistle

Ed Moore bodhrán, tambourine, anglo-german concertina, tin whistle, bones


Joanna Crilly flute

Rick McDonough viola da Gamba

Bruce Murchison producer